Sessions & Trainings

Since speakGreen’s foundation in January 2014, so many insights, knowledge and experiences on the power and magic of language were gained, that it came natural to develop and offer sessions and a training to inform interested persons about speakGreen and to provide the space to experience and learn more about it.

speakGreen Intro Session
- 1 to 2 hours
Co-Creating a Life-Affirming Vocabulary
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speakGreen In Action Session
- 1 to 2 hours
Brave New Words – Co-Creating a Vocabulary for the Emerging Future of Work
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speakGreen Training
- 1 day
Co-Creating Personal and Social Change through Life-Affirming Language
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Contact speakGreen via
if you’re interested in

  • participating in a session or a training
  • hosting one a session or a training for your team or organization
  • joining the speakGreen Train-the-Trainer Certification Program
    (will be launched 2017).
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