speakGreen Training
- 1 day
Co-Creating Personal and Social Change through Life-Affirming Language
seize the opportunity
don’t miss the chance
what could go right?
what could go wrong?
civil society organization (CSO)
non-governmental organization (NGO)

The idea behind speakGreen is simple: Every day two words, expressions or quotes are posted contrasting the usual narrative in red and with a life-affirming alternative in green.

When you’re interested in learning more about

  • the background and purpose of speakGreen and its underlying concepts and principles
  • the making of speakGreen: how to turn “no” messages into constructive statements
  • speaking green or red in your daily and professional life
  • the 7Ms of Traditional Management Language and replacing them with life-affirming words
  • scientifically-proven effects of positivity in contrast to negativity, and
  • how to think, write and speakGreen

then this 1-day training is for you.

The interactive training is based on a mix of practical and surprising exercises, group work, theoretical inputs and exchange, all dedicated to foster your personal and mutual insights, experiences and learning.

Feel welcome to also invite your family & friends, and your personal and professional network.

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