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A Language Advocating for an Eco-Phil,
Regenerative (r)EVOLution. speakGreen EcoLingo

Language expresses our worldviews and influences how we think about the world. Our thoughts have an influence on how we act, so language and the stories-we-live-by can directly inspire us to exploit, pollute and destroy or to love, respect and care for the biosphere that human life depends on – the choice is ours!

The following selection highlights red language that contributes to ecological destruction and offers a new GREEN language that inspires everyone
to protect the natural world we live in.

George Monbiot’s article “Forget ‘the environment’: we need new words to convey life’s wonders” (The Guardian on Aug. o9, 2017) very much resonated with the work of speakGreen and its daily posts. He invited supporters to find better ways of describing nature and our relationships with it so we can better care for it.
We immediately contacted him, offered a cooperation with speakGreen, and
this page is the result of this invitation and inspiration.

Our aim is to raise awareness for the power of language, inspire everyone to choose our language with the same care we hold for nature and then based on
our life-supporting beliefs and values act accordingly.

Let's contribute to the world we wish to live in by choosing a language that
advocates for a green, regenerative (r)EVOLution, word-by-word and day-by-day.

“People exploit what they have merely concluded to be of value,
but they defend what they love,
and to defend what we love
we need a particularizing language,
for we love what we particularly know.”

Wendell Berry quoted based on
Robin Kimmerer (2017)

From “Climate Change” to Global Overheating, Climate Breakdown or Climate Crisis
– 60 Words and Expressions that could replace the misleading term “Climate Change” and more
green red
climate change episodes of extreme weather
climate change global warming
global overheating global warming
global warming climate change
global overheating climate change
climate breakdown climate change
climate wrecking climate change
climate torture climate change
climate murder climate change
climate destabilisation climate change
planet death climate change
climate crash climate change
climate crunch climate change
climate crisis climate change
climate destruction climate change
climate disaster climate change
the end of the world as we know it climate change
climate Armageddon climate change
weather extremes climate change
system change climate change
human-induced climate change climate change
man-made weather change climate change
human-induced life-threatening climate change climate change
anthropogenic climate change climate change
mass genocidal holocaust climate change
raging planetary destruction climate change
catastrophic progressive corruption of the atmosphere climate change
human-induced climate chaos climate change
climate pollution climate change
planetary hot-housing greenhouse effect
world-baking climate change
weather-trashing climate change
weather-blending climate change
climate decay climate change
climate inflammation climate change
climate warfare climate change
climate reactivity climate change
climate immune reaction climate change
climate overheating climate change
overwhelming threat to national and global security climate change
security threat climate change
global-scale violence against places and species as well as human beings climate change
climate change is a time bomb
humans play a role in causing climate change climate change is occuring
human-induced changes in the environment climate change is caused by the sun
the planet is a patient
climate chaos climate change
climate meltdown climate change
climate variability climate change
human-caused warming of the earth climate change
climate catastrophe
ecological destruction climate change
crime against humanity climate change
climate justice
carbon dioxide greenhouse gases
turning down the global thermostat
fix our atmosphere
fixing the climate
technological fix

Watch the speakGreen short clip From “Climate Change” to Global Overheating, Climate Breakdown and
Climate Crisis here. (coming soon)

From “Environment” to Nature, Habitat and Mother Earth
– 179 Words and Expressions that could replace the misleading term “Environment” and more
green red
We are the Earth's extended body. (1) There is no environment.
the environment around us
the environment our environment
living planet environment
natural world environment
heartlands environment
the sublime environment / surroundings
home environment
natural world environment
natural world we belong to natural world around us
human life-support system environment
nature environment / surroundings
habitat environment
the magic of the natural world of Gaia environment
creation environment
sanctuary environment
ocean sanctuary environment
bird sanctuary environment
mountain sanctuary environment
beaver sanctuary environment
ethosanctuary environment
virgin forest
the great outdoors environment
natural refuge environment
natural pilgrimage environment
Mother Earth environment
living planet environment
Whole Earth environment
our children's natural inheritance environment
Precious Planet Places environment
gardens of the wild
our home
our shared place
here and now
our natural home
shared nature
(the only) place to be alive
gardening for good
nature's playground
natural capital
no end in site
nature without reserve
natural place / no borders
place to look environment
staring ecouraged zone environment
wonderful places to be environment
miniature garden environment
maximum joy environment
our only home environment
natural beauty environment
intagrament environment
web of life
human and non-human nature
We live together.
our common home the world
the planet first! me first!
what do you do for a living planet? what do you do for a living?
preserve life preserve the environment
the planet we live IN the planet we live ON
the world has evolved into a balanced eco-system before humans came along anf plundered and destroyed anything and everything the world was made for man (or humans)
protection of the environment
Protect what you love. Protect what you own.
Save the Humans! Save the Planet!
the Earth the planet
bio-omniversity biodiversity
facets of life biodiversity
nature biodiversity
wildlife biodiversity
plants and animals biodiversity
wonderworld biotope
awesphere biotope
natural community biotope
miraculous refuge sites of special scientific interest (SSSI)
sites / places of natural wonder sites of special scientific interest (SSSI)
areas of outstanding beauty sites of special scientific interest (SSSI)
sites of extraordinary ideel worth sites of special scientific interest (SSSI)
area of wonder sites of special scientific interest (SSSI)
Sight of Awe and Wonder (SAW) sites of special scientific interest (SSSI)
places of natural wonder reference areas
foundation reference areas
wildlife ark parks and reserves
wildlife sanctuary national park
national sanctuary national park
shrine sites protected areas
area of wonder nature reserve
nature reserves game reserve
wildlife parks game reserve
country parks game reserve
animal home game reserve
endangered wetlands
beaver sanctuary
rare species home
beetle paths
moth nights
butterfly days
ant music
bee songs
refuge for butterflies and pollinators national park
grouse moorland grouse ranches
grouse desert grouse ranches
tropical forests carbon sinks
places of natural wonder no-take zone
Marine Wilderness Zones no-take zone
Marine Nursery no-take zone
natural world natural capital
the natural world natural resources
National Treasure natural resources
underwater paradise reference areas
magic kingdom nature reserve
nature haven reserve or SSSI
Marine Recovery Area Marine Protected Areas (MPA)
Marine Life Nurseries Marine Protected Areas (MPA)
Swimmable Rivers
Clean Water Campaign
protect the ecosystem do not damage the ecosystem
ecosystem network
interconnected web of relationships ecosystem
wild animals and plants ecosystem services
human planetary life-support system ecosystem services
common good good for few
commons common wealth
worship nature empathically commodify nature economically
natural capital
nature natural capital
nature stocks of natural ecosystem resources
nature biodiversity and other ecological resources
nature trade commodities such as grain, fish and timber
nature is the habitat of human beings nature is a resource
Re-member that we are nature too. Don't forget that you are nature.
hu/men are part of nature man is above nature
cooperate with nature conquer nature
Earth community empire
working with nature working against nature
living with Earth living on earth
live in stride with nature live against nature
one with nature separate from nature
ecological mindset mechanistic mindset
part of nature apart from nature
humans are part of nature humans are separate of nature
nature is a competition
nature is a battle
nature is a struggle
nature is a war
great battle of life
war of nature
nature is a machine
land as a community land as a commodity
natural capital assets
biological stock
timber forest cubic meters of timber
trees cubic meters of xyz
wood biomass
natural capital declaration
maintaining ecosystem capital stocks
environmental resources
fish stocks
fish production
humans become increasingly hostile to Earth's life Earth becomes increasingly hostile to human life
interconnected biosphere
natural sources as the sun, wind, water, etc. Natural recourse as in e.g. oil, coal and gas
areas that were not farmed or built upon waste lands
human beings as stewards rather than owners of the world.
living being nature
language of animacy objectification of nature
she, he, they it
ki she, he, it
kin them

Watch the speakGreen short clip From “Environment” to Nature, Habitat ad Mother Earth here. (coming soon)

76 Words and Expressions related to Animals
green red
wild animals and plants ecosystem services
communities stocks or resources
wild animals and plants resources or stocks
bovine mammary secretions dairy
pig flesh pork
cow flesh steak
dead chicken soup chicken soup
trophy hunter conservationist
human-caused extinction
chicken periods eggs
culling / managing
genocide culls
deportation sustainable harvests
eugenics captive breeding
prison camps translocations
slavery commercial animal trade
antibiotic zero chicken organic chicken
pesticide neutral organic crops
wildlife conversation
wild animals game
Kowari Kayer rat
rat ??? pest control
animal prison zoo
progressive zoos
indigenous fishing trawler fishing
Stewardship Wilderness Management Plan
wolf killing plan wolf management plan
rewilding conservation
animal units
beef cows
cramped cages individual accommodation
factory farming is beneficial
animals are objects
animals are produced, managed, optimised and utilised
mother pig the sow
mother pig pig manufacturing unit
life stock production
primary breeding stock
meat production
animals are born by mothers animals are 'produced' by 'producers'
animals red meat
chickens broilers, fryers, roasters
animals as living, breathing, beings with goals, purposes and mental live nursery pigs
animals as living, breathing, beings with goals, purposes and mental live grower pigs
animals as living, breathing, beings with goals, purposes and mental live farrowing pigs
animals as living, breathing, beings with goals, purposes and mental live feeder pigs
animals as living, breathing, beings with goals, purposes and mental live finisher pigs
animals as living, breathing, beings with goals, purposes and mental live carry-over sows
animals as living, breathing, beings with goals, purposes and mental live cull sows
animals as living, breathing, beings with goals, purposes and mental live market hogs
animals as living, breathing, beings with goals, purposes and mental live slaughter hogs
individuals mass
volume slaughtered
unique individuals with intrinsic worth livestock
animal welfare animal farming
commonly harvested fish species
extinction rate
ecocide extinction
ecological suicide extinction
ecological genocide extinction
species death extinction
death extinction
age of ecocide age of extinction
More 164 Words and Expressions related to EgoLinguistics
green red
carbon negative carbon neutral
car pooling car buying
Hello clean energy, goodbye coal!
bio gas liquid gas
solar spill oil spill
wind spill oil spill
clean power coal power
burnable gas natural gas
fossil fuel
Raise your voice, not the sea level.
really a resource gone astray. (1) Trash is
Everything is used. Nothing is wasted.
no bags paper bags
hemp plastic
no bags plastic bags
treasure trash
wealth waste
silent killer pollution
reusables single-use
crime against humanity pollution
biotecture architecture
permaculture agriculture
organic inorganic
improved pasture
The grass is greener where you water it. The grass is greener on the other side.
natural unnatural
farming (instead of organic farming) chemical farming
no fertilizers chemical fertilizers
connection efficiency
diversity uniformity / conformity
multi-cropping mono-cropping
collect crops harvest
regenerative sustainable
holo-sustainable sustainable
nature experience nature studies
kindling firewood
countryside concrete
Step on the lawn and enjoy it! Keep off the lawn!
Pass with joy. No Trespassers!
land nation
environmental politics
to interdependence and mutualism. That's the way. (1) From independence and individualism
interdependence independence
mutualism individualism
paint a detailed picture of a better world frame the problem
speak, write, perform and sing it. (1) Don't just be the change,
ecologist materialist
ecopreneur entrepreneur
protectors, guardians, etc. sentimentalists, greenies, animals rights brigade or extremists, bunny huggers, tree huggers, Eco-Nazis
The little I can do makes a difference. The little I can do makes no difference.
humans as part of a living world
arts and humanities STEM subjects
homers environmentalists
ethology ecology
Earth's primary pathogen modern human species
First peoples
trust distrust
stewards of creation
winnable struggle lost cause
hope threat
unlimited economic growth
accumulation of unnecessary goods
nature separate of humans, a mere stock to be exploited.
humans live outside the animal kingdom
ecocentric (centred on all life including humans) anthropocentric (human centred)
keep up
fall behind
connection othering
harmony mastery
to be more not to have more
wellbeing economic growth
overall decrease in consumption
redistribution of resources
utility-maximising consumer
gifts of nature gifts of nature
profit maximisation
abundance scarcity
reunion separation
whole fractured
generosity selfishness
equitable distribution of wealth polarisation of wealth
ease anxiety
leisure hardship
cooperation competition
circulation hoarding
cyclical linear
nature as a storehouse
planetary health
reduce consumption
redistribute wealth
slowing population growth
nature is an organism
nature is a person
economic growth is a tide
growth is good
many is better than few
more is better than less
small is beautiful big is better than small
grow is better than shrink
up is better than down
falling profits are bad
retails sales are bad
inhabitants exhabitants
ethical consumer insatiable consumer
community wellbeing
politicians are people too
care selfishness
being more having more
connectedness separation
habitat degradation
introduction of exotic species
creation destruction
people destroy things destruction
remember dismember
windswept prairie
desert silence
concreteness abstraction
personalisation and naming and individualisation impersonalisation
appreciating nature costing nature
economic valuation of nature in general
activation passivation
mental health
unique replaceable
ecological destruction
Wellbeing is the key goal of society. Growth is the key goal of society.
community of life humankind
It is agreed by everyone... It is uncontroversial...
science sound science
genetically engineered => genetically modified => GM => genetically enhanced => biotechnology foods
32 Quotes and Proverbs related to EgoLinguistics
green red
Go Green - there is no Planet B.
they are a birth right (1) Animal rights are not a gift we give animals, (3) we have taken from them.
I want to create a world where the environment doesn't need protection. (1) I don't want to protect the environment.
If the climate were a bank... It would have been saved by now.
It is an act of justice. (1) It's not an act of kindness to treat animals respectfully.
it's Everything Change. (1) It's not Climate Change,
It's our job to raise children who will make the world less cruel and heartless. (1) It's not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world.
instead start asking if they understand it. (1) Stop asking if people "believe" in climate change,
but not the value of unspoiled beauty, wildlife, solitude, and spiritual renewal. (1) We seem to understand the value of oil, timber, minerals, and housing,
they will remember who you were. Be a good human, (1) When you die they won't remember your car or house. (3) not a good materialist.
Earth provides enough to satisfy every hu/man's needs, but not every hu/man's greed.
A savage is not one who lives in the forest, but one who destroys it.
Children connected to nature will actively engage to protect it. They sense and understand that they are part of nature. Children disconnected from nature won't fight to save it.
A wo/man's heart away from nature grows hard.
Plants can survive without humans, humans cannot survive without plants.
It's not an investment if it's destroying the planet." - Vandana Shiva
Nature is real, money is an illusion.
No intelligent species would destroy their own environment.
Nature is home, not a place to visit.
Soil, (3) holds the future for humanity. not oil,
Animals belong on pastures, not plates.
Be part of the solution, not the pollution.
Rain comes from the Earth, not the sky.
Just make sure your handprint it bigger than your footprint.
We are not here to save the world. We are here to save ourselves, but in doing so, we save the world.
We often forget that we are nature. Nature is not something separate from us. So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature. We've lost our connection to ourselves.
You are what you share. You are what you own.
The biggest challenge we face is shifting human consciousness, not saving the planet. The planet doesn't need saving. We do.
If the climate were a bank, it would have been saved by now.
Eventually we'll realize that if we destroy the ecosystem, we destroy ourselves.
There's a revolution that needs to happen and it starts from inside each one of us. We need to wake up and fall in love with the Earth. Our personal and collective happiness and survival depends on it.
Maybe if we start calling it Unborn Baby Earth instead of Mother Earth, Republicans will be more concerned with its well-being.

“Birds, bugs, and berries are spoken of
with the same respectful grammar as humans are,
as if we were all members of the same family.
Because we are.
There is no it for nature.
Living beings are referred to as subjects,
never as objects, and
personhood is extended to
all who breathe and some who don’t.”

Robin Kimmerer (2017)

Clips and Videos

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speakGreen short clip From “Climate Change” to Global Overheating, Climate Breakdown and Climate Crisis (coming soon)

speakGreen short clip From “Environment” to Nature, Habitat ad Mother Earth (coming soon)

Prince Ea’s clip “Dear Future Generations: Sorry” (April 20, 2015).

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