speakGreen Intro Session
- 1 to 2 hours
Co-Creating a Life-Affirming Vocabulary
“Be confident!”
“Don’t worry!”
“I’m sure.”
“I have no doubt.”
“Feel free to…!”
“Don’t hesitate!”

In this 1 or 2 hours intro session, you are introduced to the background of speakGreen and
the principles that can change a red standpoint into a green perspective.

You learn about

  • the purpose and background of speakGreen
  • turning “no” messages into constructive statements (e.g. peace! instead of no war!),
  • replacing the 7Ms of Traditional Management Language with life-affirming words (e.g. due date instead of deadline, teams instead of units, human sources instead of human resources, women and men instead of men and women)
  •  promoting insightful daily communication (e.g. both/and instead of either/or) and
  •  future steps of speakGreen and participants’ potential contribution.

Furthermore, we co-create more “green over red” words and expressions
to become an active author of the future.

speakGreen had already the pleasure of offering intro session during

  • the Art of CO during the European Week of Collaboration 2016 in San Sebastian, Spain:          http://www.theartof-co.com
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