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speakGreen aims at co-creating and providing a comprehensive and inspiring new vocabulary for the emerging future. The speakGreen Transitionary contains all words, expressions and quotes of the daily speakGreen posts and is updated at the end of every month. Additionally it offers thematic transitionaries with collections regarding one article or topic.Its name is inspired by the Spanish initiative El Transicionario which invites to co-create new words and their meanings for the transition into the emerging future.

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make a wish accept reality daily communication 02.01.2014
thank you for... thanks. daily communication 11.01.2014
by chance by accident daily communication 12.01.2014
all heaven broke loose all hell broke loose daily communication 14.01.2014
face it don't avoid it daily communication 19.01.2014
to be remembered not to be forgotten daily communication 21.01.2014
I love... I hate... daily communication 22.01.2014
you will enjoy you won't regret daily communication 23.01.2014
spend time waste time daily communication 09.02.2014
say YES to... say NO to... daily communication 10.02.2014
I-messages You-messages daily communication 16.02.2014
perspective point of view daily communication 17.02.2014
challenge problem daily communication 18.02.2014
wish reproach daily communication 19.02.2014
it's totally possible it's impossible daily communication 22.02.2014
listen hear daily communication 25.02.2014
I made it! I gave up. daily communication 26.02.2014
there's a better way there's no other way daily communication 02.03.2014
yes, and... yes, but... daily communication 05.03.2014
women and men men and women daily communication 08.03.2014
s/he he and she daily communication 09.03.2014
the advantage is... the disadvantage is... daily communication 11.03.2014
and / both either / or daily communication 17.03.2014
to highlight to stress daily communication 23.03.2014
solution finding problem solving daily communication 13.04.2014
let's give it a try! it'll never work daily communication 17.04.2014
immediately without hesitation daily communication 19.04.2014
this tastes different this tastes strange daily communication 24.04.2014
we them daily communication 26.04.2014
desire everything need nothing daily communication 27.04.2014
for sure no doubt daily communication 29.04.2014
spending time with myself being alone daily communication 13.05.2014
sport work-out daily communication 14.05.2014
fe/male male and female daily communication 20.05.2014
in this situation always - never daily communication 03.06.2014
be on time don't be late daily communication 11.06.2014
glad to help! don't mention it! daily communication 14.06.2014
close not far daily communication 23.06.2014
let's try it again we tried that before daily communication 25.06.2014
good! not bad. daily communication 02.07.2014
participant attendant daily communication 08.07.2014
laughing with laughing about daily communication 13.07.2014
tetralemma dilemma daily communication 16.07.2014
I've told the truth. I didn't lie. daily communication 19.07.2014
perceive uniqueness stop labelling daily communication 24.07.2014
what for? why not? daily communication 29.07.2014
continuous nonstop daily communication 05.08.2014
be confident don't be afraid daily communication 10.08.2014
younger and older young and old daily communication 12.08.2014
could should daily communication 14.08.2014
I'm sorry that... sorry! daily communication 18.08.2014
keep in mind don't forget daily communication 23.08.2014
explain your anger express your anger daily communication 25.08.2014
set yourself up for SUCCESS don't set yourself up for FAILURE daily communication 27.08.2014
excited about... good at daily communication 02.09.2014
alright! no problem. daily communication 09.09.2014
face your challenges don't facebook them daily communication 18.09.2014
Let's try another way! We have always done it this way. daily communication 24.09.2014
next time if only daily communication 28.09.2014
learning guide teacher / professor daily communication 05.10.2014
girls and boys boys and girls daily communication 11.10.2014
ask assume daily communication 13.10.2014
family and work work and family daily communication 15.10.2014
everything alright nothing wrong daily communication 20.10.2014
full attention undivided attention daily communication 27.10.2014
I'm open to... I don't mind... daily communication 30.10.2014
ABC and XYZ not only ABC, but also XYZ daily communication 04.11.2014
I know I hope daily communication 05.11.2014
memorable unforgettable daily communication 09.11.2014
choose to have to daily communication 13.11.2014
I don't understand you yet. I don't understand you! daily communication 16.11.2014
rest room toilet daily communication 19.11.2014
let's hope it gets a lot better let's hope it doesn't get worse daily communication 29.11.2014
I am sure I have no doubt daily communication 07.12.2014
potential talk problem talk daily communication 11.12.2014
be encouraged by... don't be discouraged! daily communication 13.12.2014
it's perfectly alright to... there's nothing wrong with... daily communication 17.12.2014
we can do Y we can't do X daily communication 20.12.2014
looking forward to... can't wait to... daily communication 22.12.2014
you can do it! you can dream it! daily communication 29.12.2014
appreciate don't underestimate daily communication 05.01.2015
let me express myself stop interrupting me daily communication 08.01.2015
can do can't do daily communication 12.01.2015
I've been always sure I never doubted daily communication 22.01.2015
everything to gain nothing to lose daily communication 24.01.2015
be HUman be a man daily communication 28.01.2015
hers and his his and hers daily communication 03.02.2015
be optimistic! don't worry! daily communication 12.02.2015
keep on doing! never give up! daily communication 17.02.2015
I contributed to someone else's winning. I lost. daily communication 19.02.2015
set free unchain daily communication 01.03.2015
full loyalty undivided loyalty daily communication 04.03.2015
heroine female hero daily communication 08.03.2015
her/himself himself and herself daily communication 09.03.2015
spouse and children dependants daily communication 10.03.2015
that's good that sounds good daily communication 16.03.2015
play ball outside don't play ball in the living room daily communication 21.03.2015
pause break daily communication 29.03.2015
start doing stop wishing daily communication 04.04.2015
I want more that's not enough daily communication 13.04.2015
I feel upset when you do that you always make me mad daily communication 16.04.2015
10.000 ways it doesn't work 10.000 failures daily communication 21.04.2015
That's a good idea. That's not a bad idea. daily communication 26.04.2015
get active don't wait daily communication 05.05.2015
I'm ok - you're ok I'm ok - you're not ok daily communication 06.05.2015
I'm curageous! I'm not afraid daily communication 10.05.2015
heaven broke loose hell broke loose daily communication 14.05.2015
keep it short + simple keep it simple stupid daily communication 18.05.2015
smart conversation small talk daily communication 26.05.2015
unlearn overwrite daily communication 28.05.2015
grab the opportunity don't miss the chance daily communication 02.06.2015
work in progress yet unfinished daily communication 06.06.2015
the solution is... the problem is... daily communication 09.06.2015
talk about joys talk about problems daily communication 14.06.2015
I'm going to... I have to... daily communication 18.06.2015
human-being seeking refuge refugee daily communication 20.06.2015
prototyping planning daily communication 22.06.2015
many ways no single way daily communication 27.06.2015
we activlely prevent... we don't tolerate... daily communication 06.07.2015
maturity age daily communication 12.07.2015
take action! stop talking! daily communication 15.07.2015
guided towards the future led by the past daily communication 19.07.2015
think together think for someone else daily communication 25.07.2015
I'm longing for I can't wait daily communication 29.07.2015
what's your vision in life? what do you do in life? daily communication 01.08.2015
feel you belong feel like you belong daily communication 04.08.2015
there is a better way it doesn't have to be this way daily communication 10.08.2015
affordable cheap daily communication 15.08.2015
I fully agree I couldn't agree more daily communication 19.08.2015
it's easy it's difficult daily communication 27.08.2015
what works what doesn't work daily communication 03.09.2015
Everything is possible. nothing is impossible daily communication 06.09.2015
Think about something else! Don't think about it. daily communication 10.09.2015
X and Y not only X but Y daily communication 19.09.2015
live by choice live by chance daily communication 22.09.2015
one of the best the best daily communication 04.10.2015
don't take it personally, but... daily communication 07.10.2015
strong strong for a girl daily communication 11.10.2015
focus choose daily communication 14.10.2015
it's the right time it's never too late daily communication 18.10.2015
be free feel free daily communication 22.10.2015
what's your heart beating for? what do you do professionally? daily communication 25.10.2015
until life reaches its end until death tears us apart daily communication 01.11.2015
take your time hurry up! daily communication 11.11.2015
one of the biggest the biggest daily communication 15.11.2015
I want to... I should... daily communication 18.11.2015
make it happen make it possible daily communication 24.11.2015
I know I can handle it what will I do? daily communication 03.12.2015
satisfy needs meet needs daily communication 07.12.2015
everything's ok nothing's wrong daily communication 26.12.2015
what could go right? what could go wrong? daily communication 29.12.2015
I intend I wish daily communication 30.12.2015
I highly recommend it. I can't recommend it enough. daily communication 03.01.2016
everyone is included no one is excluded daily communication 12.01.2016
trust have no doubt daily communication 14.01.2016
perspective stand point daily communication 17.01.2016
I feel sick I am sick daily communication 20.01.2016
that's essential that's no luxury daily communication 28.01.2016
get me right don't get me wrong daily communication 02.02.2016
I hope we'll make you proud I hope we'll not disappoint you daily communication 08.02.2016
you're welcome! no problem! daily communication 15.02.2016
uphold trust and freedom reduce risk daily communication 20.02.2016
What could I learn or improve? I'm not good at this daily communication 22.02.2016
something good nothing bad daily communication 02.03.2016
You've found it! Search no more! daily communication 06.03.2016
wo/men men and women daily communication 08.03.2016
that's all I wanted to say. no explanation needed. daily communication 15.03.2016
I learned something. I made a mistake. daily communication 19.03.2016
there's a risk there's nothing without a risk daily communication 21.03.2016
talk to people! don't be shy! daily communication 28.03.2016
I'm serious I'm not joking daily communication 02.04.2016
having what you need having it all daily communication 11.04.2016
Tell me about yourself. What do you do? daily communication 16.04.2016
It would be great when... You should... daily communication 18.04.2016
You will enjoy it! You won't regret it. daily communication 27.04.2016
focus on the good forget the bad daily communication 02.05.2016
It has to be forbidden. It must not be allowed. daily communication 07.05.2016
fix problems and develop solutions fix blame daily communication 11.05.2016
He screamed. He screamed like a girl. daily communication 14.05.2016
revive humanity rehumanize daily communication 18.05.2016
We're in this together. You're on your own. daily communication 23.05.2016
wake-up call alarm daily communication 28.05.2016
half full half empty daily communication 04.06.2016
include every person leave no person out daily communication 09.06.2016
How can it be done? It can't be done. daily communication 14.06.2016
heroes refugees daily communication 20.06.2016
It's widely known. It's not a secret. daily communication 28.06.2016
Would you like to know my opinion? If I can give you a good advice... daily communication 03.07.2016
Stay in the shade! Stay out of the sun! daily communication 06.07.2016
have a say have no say daily communication 09.07.2016
move on get over daily communication 16.07.2016
With pleasure! No problem. daily communication 24.07.2016
let memories go don't hold grudges daily communication 28.07.2016
It's possible! It's not impossible. daily communication 01.08.2016
look forward stop looking back daily communication 03.08.2016
It would be great! It wouldn't be bad... daily communication 08.08.2016
bonus-mum stepmother daily communication 14.08.2016
including everyone and everything without a single exception daily communication 20.08.2016
someone else's call not my call daily communication 24.08.2016
amazing memories no regrets daily communication 28.08.2016
It would be great when It would be great if daily communication 01.09.2016
What's strong? What's wrong? daily communication 06.09.2016
Peaceful co-existence. Yes please! Extremism. No thanks! daily communication 11.09.2016
Now you know. Don't say you didn't know about it. daily communication 17.09.2016
U.S. American Afro-American daily communication 20.09.2016
Be curious about what you don't understand. Don't hate what you don't understand. daily communication 24.09.2016
May your healing take the time it needs! Speedy recovery! daily communication 25.09.2016
Believe me! Believe it or not! daily communication 09.10.2016
count women in don't write women off daily communication 15.10.2016
develop your passions find your passions daily communication 20.10.2016
Our planet first! My nation first! daily communication 24.10.2016
exchange debate (root: to beat down) daily communication 02.11.2016
Protect what you love. Protect what you own. daily communication 06.11.2016
keep on xyz... don't stop xyz... daily communication 09.11.2016
I understand. Shame on you! daily communication 15.11.2016
I could only do it with you. I couldn't have done it without you. daily communication 23.11.2016
increase trust reduce fear daily communication 28.11.2016
coloring shadowing daily communication 04.12.2016
Be someone that makes you happy. Be with someone that makes you happy. daily communication 08.12.2016
private nonbusiness daily communication 14.12.2016
fellow humans others daily communication 20.12.2016
sense of gratitude sense of entitlement daily communication 25.12.2016
embrace fear don't be afraid daily communication 27.12.2016
It would contribute to something great It wouldn't do harm... daily communication 28.12.2016
Be the shift. Don't wait for it. daily communication 29.12.2016
I'm whole I'm not half daily communication 02.01.2017
imagine... you won't believe it! daily communication 09.01.2017
It takes 5 min or less. It won't take more than 5 min. daily communication 12.01.2017
I'm from XYZ, AND ... I'm from XYZ, BUT ... daily communication 16.01.2017
inform don't create false expectations daily communication 21.01.2017
listen to understand listen to reply daily communication 29.01.2017
Make more moves and less announcements. daily communication 04.02.2017
Female Genital Cutting Female Genital Mutilation daily communication 06.02.2017
We're going forward. We're not going back. daily communication 11.02.2017
talk things through ignore issues daily communication 12.02.2017
win and learn win and lose daily communication 16.02.2017
word of empathy word of caution daily communication 21.02.2017
Have you thought that through...? What were you thinking? daily communication 22.02.2017
It needs more time and effort. It's too hard. daily communication 25.02.2017
Would it be possible? Do you mind? daily communication 02.03.2017
evacuees refugees daily communication 04.03.2017
beyond between daily communication 06.03.2017
wo+men men and women daily communication 08.03.2017
be yourself unapologetically be yourself daily communication 09.03.2017
worldviews reality daily communication 11.03.2017
tell the truth don't deny daily communication 13.03.2017
I'll be with you while you are sad and upset. Don't cry. daily communication 19.03.2017
This blows my mind wide open. This blows my mind away. daily communication 23.03.2017
Make my parents proud of how happy I am. Make my parents proud of how much I earn. daily communication 26.03.2017
plenty of... lack of... daily communication 03.04.2017
Talk with each other. Talk about each other. daily communication 12.04.2017
a good XYZ not a bad XZY daily communication 19.04.2017
My opinion is... What is yours? I'm sure we all can agree. daily communication 23.04.2017
How are your energy levels? How is your mental health? How are you? daily communication 25.04.2017
Love widely. Love knows no borders. daily communication 27.04.2017
Journalism is a pillar of free speech and conscious media. Journalism is not a crime. daily communication 03.05.2017
expect the best doubt daily communication 04.05.2017
Right now I have other priorities. I don't have time. daily communication 10.05.2017
meeting people building social capital daily communication 13.05.2017
previously colonized countries developing countries daily communication 25.05.2017
positive life temporary negative situation daily communication 28.05.2017
to be a parent to parent daily communication 01.06.2017
children migrant children daily communication 04.06.2017
produced by adults only child labor free daily communication 12.06.2017
trust me don't control me daily communication 17.06.2017
What do you think and feel? What do you think? daily communication 22.06.2017
Are you afraid of something? Do you wish to speak about it? Nothing happened! daily communication 28.06.2017
possible! not impossible daily communication 04.07.2017
put someone to pride put someone to shame daily communication 12.07.2017
a good place not a bad place daily communication 15.07.2017
I fully agree I could not agree more daily communication 19.07.2017
It's a difficult situation and I hope it will pass soon. That's life! daily communication 27.07.2017
Great it started. Better late, than never. daily communication 05.08.2017
I have the intention of lifting them up. I have no intention of letting them down. daily communication 08.08.2017
What can I do to make the world a better place? (1) Why isn't the world a better place? daily communication 15.08.2017
letting go of weight losing weight daily communication 17.08.2017
Get a life! Live! Stop working too much! daily communication 23.08.2017
What I heard you say... You've told me that... daily communication 30.08.2017
As I understand... You've told me that... daily communication 03.09.2017
It's for free. It doesn't cost anything. daily communication 14.09.2017
Protect and expand our health care. Don't take away our health care. daily communication 17.09.2017
This might take some time and effort. This is too hard. daily communication 25.09.2017
I'm optimistic about the future. I'm not worried about the future. daily communication 08.10.2017
Women can accomplish everything. There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish. daily communication 15.10.2017
I have time. I'm not in a hurry. daily communication 18.10.2017
20% discount additionally -20% daily communication 23.10.2017
Listen! Be quiet! daily communication 27.10.2017
Everything is transformed. (1) Nothing is lost. daily communication 01.11.2017
the environment our environment daily communication 06.11.2017
You deserve much better. You don't deserve it. daily communication 12.11.2017
Say YES to multiplicity and tolerance Say No to racism daily communication 16.11.2017
Everything comes with its time. Better late, than never. daily communication 27.11.2017
Sex is something we do WITH somebody. (1) Sex is nothing we do TO somebody; daily communication 01.12.2017
we migrants and non-migrants daily communication 18.12.2017
It's so great to see you! I missed you so much! daily communication 23.12.2017
Everything is going well, thanks. I can't complain. daily communication 27.12.2017
It's about time. Don't wait any longer. daily communication 30.12.2017
Today was great! Today wasn't terrible. daily communication 02.01.2018
common normal daily communication 08.01.2018
Let me find my headphones. Let me search my headphones. daily communication 14.01.2018
one solution more one problem less daily communication 20.01.2018
I'll try. I can't. daily communication 27.01.2018
We will continue until we succeed. No one can stop us. daily communication 30.01.2018
engage activley for save lives for girls and women combat violence against women daily communication 06.02.2018
no thanks yes daily communication 07.02.2018
Tell me about it if you wish to. Stop crying. daily communication 19.02.2018
the words we speak arsenal of words daily communication 21.02.2018
thinking brand new thoughts thinking different varieties of the same thoughts daily communication 22.02.2018
increase inclusion and tolerance reduce discrimination daily communication 01.03.2018
animal prison zoo daily communication 03.03.2018
women our wives and daughters daily communication 08.03.2018
I highly recommend this book I literally cannot recommend this book enough. daily communication 14.03.2018
I have everything I need. I lack nothing. daily communication 18.03.2018
The inner sun keeps on shining. The inner sun never fades. daily communication 26.03.2018
Do It! Don't QUIT. daily communication 29.03.2018
kindergarten preschool daily communication 02.04.2018
Always remember it! Don't you ever forget it. daily communication 04.04.2018
I like being in good health. I don't like being in ill health. daily communication 07.04.2018
Come and join! Don't miss this event. daily communication 08.04.2018
Protect sacred land. Don't destroy sacred land. daily communication 14.04.2018
Sounds great? Doesn't sound bad? daily communication 19.04.2018
Mother Earth Lords of the Creation daily communication 22.04.2018
Free yourself! Break your inner prison. daily communication 07.05.2018
vulnerable weak daily communication 10.05.2018
I want them to take path next to me and go further than I could have ever dreamt possible. (1) I don't want my children to follow in my footsteps. daily communication 15.05.2018
We want you to have a time well spent. We don't want your time to be wasted! daily communication 17.05.2018
Can we be honest about XYZ? Can we stop pretending XYZ? daily communication 27.05.2018
my little angel my little devil daily communication 01.06.2018
sexual predation sexual abuse / harassment daily communication 04.06.2018
underwater paradise reference areas daily communication 08.06.2018
They deserve to... They don't deserve to... daily communication 12.06.2018
What is this trying to teach me? Why is this happening to me? daily communication 18.06.2018
It's human and important to feel... It's ok to feel... daily communication 23.06.2018
Accept and transcend. (1) Don't tolerate. daily communication 27.06.2018
It's challenging and we continue. (1) It's hard, but we can't stop. daily communication 02.07.2018
Set yourself free! Don't limit yourself! daily communication 09.07.2018
Everything has got its time. Better late, than never. daily communication 17.07.2018
My point of view is... Don't take it personally! daily communication 22.07.2018
I have time for... I don't have time for that. daily communication 26.07.2018
chicken egg machine daily communication 29.07.2018
it's "both and more". (1) It's not "either or", daily communication 01.08.2018
I think that's fine. I donÍt think thatÍs a problem. daily communication 06.08.2018
We truly enjoyed our time together. We had way too much fun! daily communication 11.08.2018
everything included nothing left out daily communication 13.08.2018
healthy disease-free daily communication 16.08.2018
I will love you forever. I will never stop loving you. daily communication 22.08.2018
Change begins now. Never again. daily communication 23.08.2018
Live your life. Don't waste your life. daily communication 25.08.2018
Working in a team rocks! Nothing beats working in a team. daily communication 28.08.2018
Seize this opportunity. Don't miss this chance. daily communication 02.09.2018
boundless potential boundaries daily communication 08.09.2018
I will love you forever. I will never stop loving you. daily communication 09.09.2018
We give for the sheer joy of it. (1) We don't give to get. daily communication 10.09.2018
Everything is safe. There is no danger. daily communication 17.09.2018
It's a great idea. It's really not a bad idea. daily communication 19.09.2018
Find someone with whom you can live with. Find someone whom you cannot live without. daily communication 25.09.2018
Try courageously! Don't be afraid to fail. daily communication 29.09.2018
Teach bravery, not perfection. daily communication 06.10.2018
Look forward with love. Don't look back in anger. daily communication 10.10.2018
Happy girls are happy. Happy girls are the prettiest. daily communication 11.10.2018
pay inspiration pay attention daily communication 18.10.2018
You can only succeed with... You can't go wrong with... daily communication 23.10.2018
It's available online. It's out of stock. daily communication 29.10.2018
gain health lose weight opposite attracts 04.01.2014
pacifism violence opposite attracts 06.01.2014
divine circle vicious circle opposite attracts 07.01.2014
belief doubt opposite attracts 13.01.2014
good luck bad luck opposite attracts 18.01.2014
traffic jam traffic congestion opposite attracts 20.01.2014
democracy dictatorship opposite attracts 25.01.2014
speak-up swallow down opposite attracts 27.01.2014
all nothing opposite attracts 28.01.2014
bounce back break down opposite attracts 03.02.2014
encourage discourage opposite attracts 04.02.2014
soldarity egoism opposite attracts 05.02.2014
inspiration role model opposite attracts 08.02.2014
birth death opposite attracts 13.02.2014
inclusion discrimination opposite attracts 01.03.2014
rise fall opposite attracts 06.03.2014
warrior worrier opposite attracts 16.03.2014
dream nightmare opposite attracts 18.03.2014
happy sad opposite attracts 20.03.2014
flow ebb opposite attracts 22.03.2014
liberty oppression opposite attracts 24.03.2014
upward spiral downward spiral opposite attracts 27.03.2014
green red opposite attracts 02.04.2014
fairplay foul opposite attracts 06.04.2014
ease disease opposite attracts 07.04.2014
new beginning end opposite attracts 20.04.2014
transformation reform opposite attracts 21.04.2014
safety first! avoid accidents! opposite attracts 28.04.2014
traveller tourist opposite attracts 03.05.2014
easy delivery difficult delivery opposite attracts 05.05.2014
complex complicated opposite attracts 07.05.2014
readiness resistance opposite attracts 08.05.2014
essence minimum opposite attracts 17.05.2014
loving eye evil eye opposite attracts 21.05.2014
natural artificial opposite attracts 22.05.2014
sweet bitter opposite attracts 24.05.2014
heart warming heart breaking opposite attracts 26.05.2014
praise punishment opposite attracts 27.05.2014
holy unholy opposite attracts 28.05.2014
pro-peace anti-terror opposite attracts 29.05.2014
grow up grow old opposite attracts 01.06.2014
interest curiosity opposite attracts 02.06.2014
courage fear opposite attracts 04.06.2014
opinion fact opposite attracts 19.06.2014
survivor victim opposite attracts 26.06.2014
generosity greed opposite attracts 28.06.2014
expectations fears opposite attracts 10.07.2014
wabi sabi perfection opposite attracts 14.07.2014
be try to become opposite attracts 17.07.2014
swim sink opposite attracts 26.07.2014
healing recovery opposite attracts 28.07.2014
friend enemy opposite attracts 30.07.2014
unite + co-create divide + conquer opposite attracts 02.08.2014
breakthrough breakdown opposite attracts 07.08.2014
liberation imprisonment opposite attracts 11.08.2014
my call my duty opposite attracts 13.08.2014
with without opposite attracts 16.08.2014
now later opposite attracts 26.08.2014
grateful hateful opposite attracts 28.08.2014
similarities differences opposite attracts 30.08.2014
capable incapable opposite attracts 08.09.2014
inner voice other's opinion opposite attracts 10.09.2014
imagination reverie opposite attracts 13.09.2014
dialogue monologue opposite attracts 15.09.2014
curiosity fear of the unknown opposite attracts 25.09.2014
originality conformity opposite attracts 29.09.2014
vegetarian meat-free opposite attracts 01.10.2014
home house opposite attracts 06.10.2014
set free unleash opposite attracts 14.10.2014
nourish feed opposite attracts 16.10.2014
presence absence opposite attracts 23.10.2014
open mind mindset opposite attracts 25.10.2014
offline online opposite attracts 29.10.2014
group genius opposite attracts 10.11.2014
resilient fragile opposite attracts 11.11.2014
observation interpretation opposite attracts 15.11.2014
open up close down opposite attracts 22.11.2014
for safety and protection of girls and women anti-sexual harassment opposite attracts 25.11.2014
safer sex unprotected sexual intercourse opposite attracts 01.12.2014
specially gifted handicapped opposite attracts 03.12.2014
correct corrupt opposite attracts 09.12.2014
justice injustice opposite attracts 10.12.2014
easy difficult opposite attracts 14.12.2014
victor victim opposite attracts 18.12.2014
give take opposite attracts 24.12.2014
gratitude ungratefulness opposite attracts 25.12.2014
Ta Da's To Do's opposite attracts 30.12.2014
new start game over opposite attracts 01.01.2015
abundance scarcity opposite attracts 11.01.2015
surprise shock opposite attracts 13.01.2015
sharing hoarding opposite attracts 15.01.2015
empower phrases killer phrases opposite attracts 19.01.2015
perspective truth opposite attracts 20.01.2015
citizens population opposite attracts 02.02.2015
change continuity opposite attracts 07.02.2015
democracy autocracy opposite attracts 09.02.2015
hopeful hateful opposite attracts 18.02.2015
being willing to change wanting to change opposite attracts 11.03.2015
make friends make contacts opposite attracts 12.03.2015
soulful soulless opposite attracts 14.03.2015
follow your heart follow your head opposite attracts 18.03.2015
deconstruction destruction opposite attracts 19.03.2015
strength spotter problem spotter opposite attracts 30.03.2015
proactive responsive opposite attracts 02.04.2015
courage cowardice opposite attracts 08.04.2015
gender concern gender issue opposite attracts 09.04.2015
oneness separation opposite attracts 12.04.2015
happy home big house opposite attracts 15.04.2015
passion-boosting passion-killing opposite attracts 19.04.2015
the whole the others opposite attracts 20.04.2015
life-full lifeless opposite attracts 27.04.2015
live in the moment save the best for later opposite attracts 29.04.2015
careful careless opposite attracts 03.05.2015
feel more think less opposite attracts 07.05.2015
homegrown neighbourhood slum opposite attracts 16.05.2015
positive expectancy self-doubt opposite attracts 21.05.2015
take a walk not a pill opposite attracts 27.05.2015
build destroy opposite attracts 04.06.2015
value creation growth opposite attracts 07.06.2015
self-acceptance self-judgment opposite attracts 17.06.2015
options limitations opposite attracts 21.06.2015
talk to each other talk about each other opposite attracts 24.06.2015
living heaven living hell opposite attracts 28.06.2015
trust control opposite attracts 04.07.2015
reunion separation opposite attracts 09.07.2015
praise blame opposite attracts 14.07.2015
new and different more of the same opposite attracts 21.07.2015
embrace challenges avoid challenges opposite attracts 27.07.2015
truly inclusive non-marginalizing opposite attracts 09.08.2015
safe risk-free opposite attracts 17.08.2015
pro-community anti-apartheid opposite attracts 23.08.2015
find search opposite attracts 26.08.2015
Time is abundant time is scarce opposite attracts 01.09.2015
love more fear less opposite attracts 02.09.2015
start finishing stop starting opposite attracts 07.09.2015
solidarity greed opposite attracts 12.09.2015
Whoever comes are the right people. Who ever comes are the wrong people. opposite attracts 14.09.2015
revolutionary reformer opposite attracts 20.09.2015
proposals problems opposite attracts 26.09.2015
wholeness separation opposite attracts 03.10.2015
awake asleep opposite attracts 08.10.2015
healthy people toxic people opposite attracts 10.10.2015
actions intellectualizations opposite attracts 15.10.2015
prosperity poverty opposite attracts 17.10.2015
faith fear opposite attracts 20.10.2015
build each other up tear each other down opposite attracts 24.10.2015
do your best overdo opposite attracts 28.10.2015
brave cowardly opposite attracts 04.11.2015
flow blockage opposite attracts 08.11.2015
know-nothing-at-all know-it-all opposite attracts 10.11.2015
full acceptance judgment opposite attracts 16.11.2015
culture of inclusion, peace and compassion elimination of violence against girls and women opposite attracts 25.11.2015
deescalate escalate opposite attracts 29.11.2015
generous stingy opposite attracts 05.12.2015
connection separation opposite attracts 06.12.2015
needs wants opposite attracts 12.12.2015
participation consumerism opposite attracts 15.12.2015
appreciation expectation opposite attracts 20.12.2015
soul food eye candy opposite attracts 22.12.2015
illumination darkness opposite attracts 24.12.2015
world centric ethnocentric opposite attracts 28.12.2015
always continue never stop opposite attracts 02.01.2016
money comes and grows money comes and goes opposite attracts 10.01.2016
sense of gratitude sense of entitlement opposite attracts 13.01.2016
reality non-fiction opposite attracts 18.01.2016
talk about ideas talk about people opposite attracts 23.01.2016
intuition ego-cleverness opposite attracts 27.01.2016
Food is health care. Medicine is sick care. opposite attracts 03.02.2016
good governance government opposite attracts 11.02.2016
listen more talk less opposite attracts 13.02.2016
powerful powerless opposite attracts 18.02.2016
passionate passive opposite attracts 25.02.2016
extraordinary non-ordinary opposite attracts 29.02.2016
100% tolerance and inclusion zero discrimination opposite attracts 01.03.2016
oneness "otherness" opposite attracts 10.03.2016
giver getter opposite attracts 12.03.2016
progress victory opposite attracts 17.03.2016
inner smile inner scowl opposite attracts 20.03.2016
re-directed to something better rejected from something good opposite attracts 24.03.2016
migrating people refugees opposite attracts 27.03.2016
full empty opposite attracts 04.04.2016
good health ill health opposite attracts 07.04.2016
clarity confusion opposite attracts 09.04.2016
traditionally fe/male fe/male dominated opposite attracts 14.04.2016
for against opposite attracts 28.04.2016
express suppress opposite attracts 03.05.2016
learn from your past run from your past opposite attracts 08.05.2016
health illness opposite attracts 12.05.2016
holding a hand chaining a soul opposite attracts 17.05.2016
diversity unification opposite attracts 21.05.2016
point of moving forward point of no return opposite attracts 24.05.2016
peace cease fire opposite attracts 29.05.2016
change of eras era of change opposite attracts 02.06.2016
flow stagnation opposite attracts 08.06.2016
equality privileges opposite attracts 13.06.2016
clear rejection fake promise opposite attracts 19.06.2016
portrait picture head shot opposite attracts 25.06.2016
safe not in danger opposite attracts 29.06.2016
meditation medication opposite attracts 04.07.2016
preference for variety single-minded focus opposite attracts 10.07.2016
diverse different opposite attracts 13.07.2016
pure fun no stress opposite attracts 17.07.2016
prosperity property opposite attracts 21.07.2016
opportunity risk opposite attracts 27.07.2016
respect sexism opposite attracts 04.08.2016
grow in love fall in love opposite attracts 06.08.2016
talent youth problem youth opposite attracts 11.08.2016
awaking sleepwalking opposite attracts 13.08.2016
humanity insanity opposite attracts 18.08.2016
anxious for anxious of opposite attracts 21.08.2016
unpleasant truths comforting lies opposite attracts 30.08.2016
public resources private profit opposite attracts 07.09.2016
nuances binaries opposite attracts 14.09.2016
mental connection physical attraction opposite attracts 18.09.2016
living with Earth living on earth opposite attracts 22.09.2016
travel business human transportation business opposite attracts 27.09.2016
global citizen nationalism opposite attracts 28.09.2016
vegetables meat opposite attracts 01.10.2016
protectors protestors opposite attracts 13.10.2016
give and take take and give opposite attracts 19.10.2016
connection distance opposite attracts 29.10.2016
passing over death opposite attracts 01.11.2016
approve yourself criticize yourself opposite attracts 07.11.2016
joy of exploring illusion of knowing opposite attracts 12.11.2016
human being object of intervention opposite attracts 13.11.2016
love more worry less opposite attracts 26.11.2016
make love have sex opposite attracts 01.12.2016
genuine people fake people opposite attracts 07.12.2016
resourcefulness helplessness opposite attracts 15.12.2016
altruism egoism opposite attracts 21.12.2016
sacred profane opposite attracts 24.12.2016
begin procrastinate opposite attracts 03.01.2017
heart land home land opposite attracts 08.01.2017
fall into place fall apart opposite attracts 11.01.2017
heaven broke loose hell broke loose opposite attracts 24.01.2017
self-authoring mind socialized mind opposite attracts 28.01.2017
inner authenticity outer recognition opposite attracts 01.02.2017
diversity division opposite attracts 09.02.2017
soul ego opposite attracts 15.02.2017
turning toward turning away opposite attracts 19.02.2017
connect disconnect opposite attracts 26.02.2017
tolerance and inclusiveness discrimination and fanatism opposite attracts 01.03.2017
living beings animals opposite attracts 03.03.2017
books weapons opposite attracts 14.03.2017
inspirator speaker opposite attracts 18.03.2017
Water is life. Oil is death. opposite attracts 22.03.2017
encourage complain opposite attracts 29.03.2017
Be. Don't try to become. opposite attracts 01.04.2017
health care sick care opposite attracts 07.04.2017
hope fear opposite attracts 11.04.2017
freedom security opposite attracts 16.04.2017
self-confidence self-doubt opposite attracts 20.04.2017
embodied knowing and wisdom intellectual understanding opposite attracts 26.04.2017
possibility limitation opposite attracts 07.05.2017
meditate medicate opposite attracts 08.05.2017
curious judgmental opposite attracts 16.05.2017
It takes ovaries... It takes balls... opposite attracts 18.05.2017
plurality diversity opposite attracts 21.05.2017
participation escapism opposite attracts 23.05.2017
complementary in conflict opposite attracts 10.06.2017
globalism nationalism opposite attracts 19.06.2017
appreciate more complain less opposite attracts 24.06.2017
inner authenticity outward recognition opposite attracts 27.06.2017
for-purpose organizations not-for-purpose organizations opposite attracts 02.07.2017
living well doing well opposite attracts 06.07.2017
alive just breathing opposite attracts 11.07.2017
learn continuously think you know it all opposite attracts 22.07.2017
magnifiy shrink opposite attracts 24.07.2017
world citizen national citizen opposite attracts 01.08.2017
Hope can set you free. (1) Fear can hold you prisoner. opposite attracts 09.08.2017
refugee chance refugee crisis opposite attracts 19.08.2017
create happiness chase happiness opposite attracts 22.08.2017
be more grateful complain less opposite attracts 27.08.2017
persist in the face of setbacks give up easily opposite attracts 02.09.2017
breaking through being broken opposite attracts 07.09.2017
self-esteem self-pity opposite attracts 26.09.2017
prove. (1) Don't promise, opposite attracts 28.09.2017
love no violence opposite attracts 02.10.2017
teach for life teach for test scores opposite attracts 05.10.2017
continuous non-stop opposite attracts 12.10.2017
food junk opposite attracts 16.10.2017
pro-prosperity and decent life anti-poverty opposite attracts 17.10.2017
optimism cynism opposite attracts 21.10.2017
integration segregation opposite attracts 26.10.2017
in the flow stuck opposite attracts 07.11.2017
peacemaker peacekeeper opposite attracts 10.11.2017
do more watch less opposite attracts 21.11.2017
opportunity oppression opposite attracts 29.11.2017
positive self-talk negative self-talk opposite attracts 04.12.2017
accumulate time accumulate stuff opposite attracts 06.12.2017
integrity corruption opposite attracts 09.12.2017
uphill downhill opposite attracts 11.12.2017
fulfillment neediness opposite attracts 19.12.2017
collect memories collect beautiful things opposite attracts 21.12.2017
holidays holidaze opposite attracts 25.12.2017
Higher Self Ego opposite attracts 03.01.2018
opportunity difficulty opposite attracts 06.01.2018
lessons mistakes opposite attracts 10.01.2018
set-ups set-backs opposite attracts 16.01.2018
freedom addiction opposite attracts 17.01.2018
joy anxiety opposite attracts 23.01.2018
blessings troubles opposite attracts 29.01.2018
growing up giving up opposite attracts 01.02.2018
practice preach opposite attracts 05.02.2018
embrace change fear change opposite attracts 08.02.2018
terrific terrified opposite attracts 11.02.2018
save your soul save your marriage opposite attracts 15.02.2018
relational individualistic opposite attracts 18.02.2018
thriving surviving opposite attracts 27.02.2018
action and courage anger and blame opposite attracts 07.03.2018
impress myself impress other people opposite attracts 15.03.2018
water soda opposite attracts 22.03.2018
hero victim opposite attracts 24.03.2018
eye-opening eye-catching opposite attracts 03.04.2018
opportunity problem opposite attracts 10.04.2018
feel more think less opposite attracts 15.04.2018
to be to do opposite attracts 18.04.2018
creativity-enhancing creativity-reducing opposite attracts 21.04.2018
copyleft and creative commons anti-copyright opposite attracts 23.04.2018
openness protectiveness opposite attracts 26.04.2018
pursuit of ABC freedom from XYZ opposite attracts 02.05.2018
put someone to pride and pleasure put someone to shame opposite attracts 09.05.2018
trust intuition follow the crowd opposite attracts 16.05.2018
multitude diversity opposite attracts 21.05.2018
permaculture agriculture opposite attracts 22.05.2018
thriving surviving opposite attracts 28.05.2018
appreciate more complain less opposite attracts 02.06.2018
planet profit opposite attracts 07.06.2018
be the right person find the right person opposite attracts 14.06.2018
variety of productivity monoculture productivity opposite attracts 16.06.2018
European humanity crisis refugee crisis opposite attracts 20.06.2018
creation destruction opposite attracts 28.06.2018
multidimensional linear opposite attracts 04.07.2018
cooperative unselfish opposite attracts 07.07.2018
green economy dirty economy opposite attracts 12.07.2018
every single one no exception opposite attracts 19.07.2018
youth jail reform center opposite attracts 25.07.2018
progress perfection opposite attracts 04.08.2018
solution youth problem youth opposite attracts 12.08.2018
smile more frawn less opposite attracts 15.08.2018
committed to life commiting suicide opposite attracts 18.08.2018
love selfishness opposite attracts 27.08.2018
stewards of the Earth users of the Earth opposite attracts 29.08.2018
transparency privacy opposite attracts 04.09.2018
together apart opposite attracts 11.09.2018
self-love appreciation by others opposite attracts 13.09.2018
Happy people build their inner world. Unhappy people blame their outer world. opposite attracts 23.09.2018
brain circulation brain drain / brain gain opposite attracts 26.09.2018
global citizenship patriotism opposite attracts 27.09.2018
unity division opposite attracts 03.10.2018
confidence insecurities opposite attracts 08.10.2018
curiosity judgment opposite attracts 21.10.2018
act. (1) Don't talk, opposite attracts 25.10.2018
forgive others hold a grudge opposite attracts 30.10.2018
people profit brave new world 15.01.2014
self-aware self-confident brave new world 16.01.2014
collective intelligence intelligence service brave new world 26.01.2014
respond react brave new world 29.01.2014
victim martyr brave new world 02.02.2014
solidarity egoism brave new world 05.02.2014
peace no war brave new world 06.02.2014
freedom for... freedom from... brave new world 11.02.2014
promote wealth erase poverty brave new world 20.02.2014
collaborate make s.o. do s.th. brave new world 24.02.2014
social value profit brave new world 27.02.2014
preserve the eco-system stop the ecocide brave new world 03.03.2014
increase employment decrease unemployment brave new world 12.03.2014
over-exploited underdeveloped brave new world 19.03.2014
everything is a miracle nothing is a miracle brave new world 26.03.2014
create & contribute criticize brave new world 29.03.2014
conscious people unconscious people brave new world 01.04.2014
Vietnam Indochina brave new world 05.04.2014
let go to let come stick to it brave new world 09.04.2014
chase your dreams follow your dreams brave new world 12.04.2014
response-ability responsibility brave new world 22.04.2014
copyleft copyright brave new world 23.04.2014
best company FOR the world best company OF the world brave new world 01.05.2014
chaordic chaos - order brave new world 06.05.2014
right to health right to healthcare brave new world 12.05.2014
what's your call? what's your problem? brave new world 18.05.2014
Mumbai Bombay brave new world 20.05.2014
reduce - reuse - recycle throw away brave new world 05.06.2014
responsible fishing overfishing brave new world 08.06.2014
get up give up brave new world 10.06.2014
for child protection against child labour brave new world 12.06.2014
childhood child soldier brave new world 16.06.2014
disconnect to reconnect connect brave new world 17.06.2014
life-giving life-alienating brave new world 03.07.2014
joint forces armed forces brave new world 05.07.2014
moving towards excellence quality control brave new world 09.07.2014
recycling landfill brave new world 15.07.2014
Myanmar Burma brave new world 20.07.2014
less more brave new world 23.07.2014
do one thing do nothing brave new world 27.07.2014
stand up for our rights stand up for your rights brave new world 04.08.2014
stay awake! don't go back to sleep brave new world 06.08.2014
make changes make excuses brave new world 17.08.2014
We We We generation Me Me Me generation brave new world 21.08.2014
car pooling car buying brave new world 24.08.2014
increase equality reduce inequality brave new world 03.09.2014
do what you love do as I say brave new world 07.09.2014
reconciliation revenge brave new world 11.09.2014
green economy brown economy brave new world 16.09.2014
Make love & peace, not war! brave new world 21.09.2014
organic sprayed with poison brave new world 22.09.2014
gate opener gate keeper brave new world 23.09.2014
biggest common possibility smallest common denominator brave new world 09.10.2014
follow your dreams follow this advice brave new world 12.10.2014
Ministry of Prosperity Promotion Ministry of Poverty Alleviation brave new world 18.10.2014
comeback setback brave new world 26.10.2014
selling good products selling well brave new world 28.10.2014
create a better world believe in a better world brave new world 01.11.2014
be awesome be safe brave new world 02.11.2014
co-creation co-destruction brave new world 08.11.2014
stepping stone obstacle brave new world 20.11.2014
local governance central control brave new world 24.11.2014
truly powerful simply empowered brave new world 27.11.2014
inspired action activity brave new world 02.12.2014
Karma Konsum mass production brave new world 04.12.2014
to be as is brave new world 08.12.2014
be fully ourselves be full of ourselves brave new world 16.12.2014
econo-we econo-my brave new world 23.12.2014
create the future predict the future brave new world 03.01.2015
be present buy presents brave new world 07.01.2015
start nourishing your body stop dieting brave new world 17.01.2015
civil disobedience civil obedience brave new world 26.01.2015
fight for fight against brave new world 29.01.2015
paradigm shift crisis brave new world 01.02.2015
Main Street Wall Street brave new world 05.02.2015
move forward stand still brave new world 10.02.2015
self-organization control brave new world 11.02.2015
collective well-being personal satisfaction brave new world 21.02.2015
fix the system fix symptoms brave new world 24.02.2015
support each other help yourself brave new world 25.02.2015
dream big be realistic brave new world 03.03.2015
system of justice justice system brave new world 05.03.2015
keep a promise make a promise brave new world 17.03.2015
gift economy casino economy brave new world 24.03.2015
led by your dreams pushed by your problems brave new world 06.04.2015
being more having more brave new world 07.04.2015
renewable energy nuclear energy brave new world 22.04.2015
valuation evaluation brave new world 28.04.2015
be the example give an example brave new world 04.05.2015
economy of selflessness economy of selfishness brave new world 11.05.2015
maximize happiness maximize consumption brave new world 19.05.2015
more for me is more for you more for me is less for you brave new world 23.05.2015
take all sides take sides brave new world 25.05.2015
Wisdom Revolution Knowledge Revolution brave new world 01.06.2015
raise your voice, not the sea level. brave new world 08.06.2015
walk the talk pay lip service brave new world 10.06.2015
one world 1st and 3rd world brave new world 16.06.2015
follow your bliss follow the crowd brave new world 23.06.2015
for equality and inclusion against racism brave new world 01.07.2015
cooperation competition brave new world 05.07.2015
promotion of wealth eradication of poverty brave new world 07.07.2015
sociopreneur entrepreneur brave new world 11.07.2015
do try brave new world 16.07.2015
invitation to learn and grow failure brave new world 20.07.2015
walking the path knowing the path brave new world 26.07.2015
common interest corporate interest brave new world 28.07.2015
strengths-based change deficit-based change brave new world 02.08.2015
quality of life economic growth brave new world 06.08.2015
remember who you are believe who they told you to be brave new world 12.08.2015
interwoven responsibility interlocked responsibility brave new world 20.08.2015
preserve the environment don't harm the environment brave new world 22.08.2015
being fully yourself being full of yourself brave new world 25.08.2015
food network food chain brave new world 30.08.2015
sharity charity brave new world 05.09.2015
stand out fit in brave new world 09.09.2015
create yourself find yourself brave new world 13.09.2015
Rescue people, not banks. brave new world 15.09.2015
regenerate resources exploit resources brave new world 16.09.2015
human beings economic beings brave new world 23.09.2015
making ideas happen having ideas brave new world 29.09.2015
compassion killing brave new world 01.10.2015
learning center school brave new world 05.10.2015
be an example give an example brave new world 12.10.2015
food food-like products brave new world 27.10.2015
virtual teams virtual strangers brave new world 29.10.2015
all together us-versus-them brave new world 02.11.2015
get active get angry brave new world 09.11.2015
social value status brave new world 17.11.2015
win win win zero-sum brave new world 22.11.2015
follow your gut instincts follow orders brave new world 28.11.2015
creating consuming brave new world 08.12.2015
give + take sell + buy brave new world 13.12.2015
do more good do less harm brave new world 16.12.2015
kicked-out-ees refugees brave new world 18.12.2015
wrap someone in a hug wrap gifts brave new world 21.12.2015
donate food shop for food brave new world 27.12.2015
strengths-based innovation deficit-based change brave new world 04.01.2016
every body and soul either them or us brave new world 07.01.2016
change yourself change someone brave new world 11.01.2016
sharing economy stealing economy brave new world 16.01.2016
passionpreneur entrepreneur brave new world 24.01.2016
co-create participate brave new world 26.01.2016
good actions good intentions brave new world 01.02.2016
hu/men are part of nature man is above nature brave new world 07.02.2016
main stream economic collapse world economic crisis brave new world 10.02.2016
DIT DIY brave new world 16.02.2016
calm-and-connect response fight-or-flight response brave new world 23.02.2016
expand your comfort zone leave your comfort zone brave new world 09.03.2016
climb the wall hit the wall brave new world 16.03.2016
best for the world best of the world brave new world 26.03.2016
international solidarity nationalistic xenophobia brave new world 30.03.2016
future-maker future-taker brave new world 05.04.2016
start living change dream change brave new world 13.04.2016
more positive impact less harm brave new world 20.04.2016
Creative Commons Deed All rights reserved. brave new world 23.04.2016
development partners counterparts brave new world 25.04.2016
selflessness selfishness brave new world 26.04.2016
regenerative development sustainability brave new world 04.05.2016
go with the flow follow the mainstream brave new world 09.05.2016
equality of wealth and income inequality of wealth and income brave new world 16.05.2016
collective sense of ownership private property brave new world 30.05.2016
protagonists people brave new world 06.06.2016
being fully ourselves being full of ourselves brave new world 11.06.2016
engage for child protection and a decent childhood abolish child labour brave new world 12.06.2016
actions for food fight against hunger brave new world 16.06.2016
making every living moment count making a living brave new world 21.06.2016
Boys will be held accountable for their actions just like girls are. Boys will be boys. brave new world 22.06.2016
development partners development recipients brave new world 26.06.2016
Care for each others child/ren. Pay for child care. brave new world 05.07.2016
Everything is used. Nothing is wasted. brave new world 12.07.2016
knowledge of Self selfies brave new world 19.07.2016
do wish brave new world 25.07.2016
1) Real food is ingredients. 2) Real food doesn't "have" ingredients. brave new world 02.08.2016
power by the people power to the people brave new world 09.08.2016
popular assemblies politicians brave new world 16.08.2016
organize horizontally unlearn hierarchy brave new world 22.08.2016
today someday brave new world 27.08.2016
all of us just a few of us brave new world 03.09.2016
solidarity charity brave new world 05.09.2016
read every day watch TV every day brave new world 08.09.2016
humankind mankind brave new world 10.09.2016
consensual democracy majority rule brave new world 15.09.2016
multi-stakeholder multi-millionaire brave new world 19.09.2016
Ministry of Peace Ministry of Defense brave new world 06.10.2016
Girls just want to have FUNdamental rights. brave new world 11.10.2016
right for food fight the hunger brave new world 16.10.2016
anti-wealth campaigns anti-poverty campaigns brave new world 17.10.2016
Exist in the present moment. Leave the past firmly behind. brave new world 23.10.2016
birth lottery destiny brave new world 26.10.2016
project problem brave new world 05.11.2016
peace against terrorism war against terrorism brave new world 10.11.2016
community builders empire builders brave new world 14.11.2016
ethical trade economic dictatorship brave new world 22.11.2016
specially talented disabled brave new world 03.12.2016
compassion-full products cruelty-free products brave new world 06.12.2016
actively promote and contribute to human rights don't contribute to human right abuses brave new world 10.12.2016
life as a gift life as a competition brave new world 17.12.2016
more heart less stuff brave new world 22.12.2016
be the light see the lights brave new world 26.12.2016
ecopreneur entrepreneur brave new world 05.01.2017
gift give-away brave new world 07.01.2017
more compassion less judgment brave new world 10.01.2017
live a question ask a question brave new world 17.01.2017
health of the planet profit brave new world 19.01.2017
fall in love fall into infatuation brave new world 23.01.2017
democracy corporatocracy brave new world 30.01.2017
If it came from a plant, eat it. If it was made in a plant, don't. brave new world 05.02.2017
making ideas happen having ideas brave new world 07.02.2017
find inner peace find my dream partner brave new world 13.02.2017
social justice social injury brave new world 20.02.2017
equal and compassionate behaviour political correctness brave new world 07.03.2017
youth are leaders of today youth as leaders of tomorrow brave new world 12.03.2017
the Story of We the Story of I brave new world 16.03.2017
being real being nice brave new world 27.03.2017
think and do tank think tank brave new world 30.03.2017
meshwork network brave new world 05.04.2017
not people! (1) Stop wars, brave new world 06.04.2017
pro-community and pro-humanity anti-government brave new world 09.04.2017
original medicine alternative medicine brave new world 13.04.2017
pasture-raised cage-free brave new world 17.04.2017
innovation imitation brave new world 21.04.2017
everybody just us brave new world 02.05.2017
take all sides take one side brave new world 09.05.2017
What is right? What is legal? brave new world 11.05.2017
right questions right answers brave new world 17.05.2017
preserving and regenerating resources consuming and wasting resources brave new world 22.05.2017
carbon negative carbon neutral brave new world 24.05.2017
peace keeping fight terrorism brave new world 29.05.2017
generative extractive brave new world 06.06.2017
move forward look backward brave new world 11.06.2017
resonance-ship relationship brave new world 15.06.2017
wefugees refugees brave new world 20.06.2017
lead with your heart lead with your head brave new world 21.06.2017
Yes to compassion! No to violence! brave new world 26.06.2017
We are in this together. You only live once. brave new world 29.06.2017
brain gain brain drain brave new world 03.07.2017
sustainable development constant growth brave new world 09.07.2017
strengths-based deficit-based brave new world 13.07.2017
rescued food food waste brave new world 17.07.2017
feed the poor fund a war brave new world 23.07.2017
morally correct socially accepted brave new world 29.07.2017
empowerment dependency brave new world 03.08.2017
dream achiever dreamer brave new world 06.08.2017
6 degrees of connection 6 degrees of separation brave new world 10.08.2017
ability to afford affordability brave new world 16.08.2017
wilderness ecosystem services brave new world 21.08.2017
gift of failure fear of failure brave new world 26.08.2017
strength IN vulnerability strength or vulnerability brave new world 04.09.2017
peace keeping fighting terrorism brave new world 11.09.2017
de-develop rich countries develop poor countries brave new world 12.09.2017
Save the humans! Save the environment! brave new world 16.09.2017
production consumption brave new world 23.09.2017
respond wisely react blindly brave new world 07.10.2017
start asking questions stop being polite brave new world 14.10.2017
day of walking, bicycling, and public transportation car-free brave new world 22.10.2017
one world United Nations brave new world 24.10.2017
hold space take up space brave new world 30.10.2017
multiculturalism diversity brave new world 04.11.2017
biotecture architecture brave new world 08.11.2017
citizens tax payers brave new world 15.11.2017
state of your soul state of your bank account brave new world 18.11.2017
opportunity finding problem solving brave new world 22.11.2017
raise awareness for love and respect for girls and women raise awareness of violence against girls and women brave new world 25.11.2017
Freedom is in peril. Defend it with all your might. Keep Calm and Carry on. brave new world 02.12.2017
long-term value immediate value brave new world 12.12.2017
live a real life live a luxurious life brave new world 16.12.2017
pay forward pay back brave new world 20.12.2017
please yourself people pleasing brave new world 26.12.2017
Create healthy habits, not restrictions. brave new world 04.01.2018
inner peace success brave new world 11.01.2018
evolve remain brave new world 18.01.2018
balance power brave new world 24.01.2018
Earth community empire brave new world 28.01.2018
working with nature working against nature brave new world 04.02.2018
conflict resolution conflict management brave new world 10.02.2018
original medicine chemical medications brave new world 13.02.2018
let's inspire them to stand up for social justice and humanity. (1) Instead of teaching our kids to stand up for pledges and anthems, brave new world 20.02.2018
Eat beans not beings. brave new world 24.02.2018
one with nature separate from nature brave new world 04.03.2018
Strengthen men's respect for women. (1) Destroy the idea that men should respect women because we are their daughters, mothers, and sisters. brave new world 09.03.2018
Spread love and peace! Spread hate and doubt. brave new world 10.03.2018
heart print foot or finger print brave new world 12.03.2018
doing good doing well brave new world 17.03.2018
geocentric egocentric brave new world 28.03.2018
meaningful existence material success brave new world 01.04.2018
work together work for and by yourself brave new world 11.04.2018
take all sides take one side brave new world 16.04.2018
strength-based paradigm deficit-based paradigm brave new world 24.04.2018
opportunity maker problem solver brave new world 06.05.2018
Dear Doctors and Hospitals! Value serving patients higher than making money. brave new world 08.05.2018
sisters and brothers, humans! in humanity brothers and sisters in religion brave new world 12.05.2018
return on impact return on investment brave new world 20.05.2018
living systems thinking, feeling and being systems thinking brave new world 26.05.2018
We are all in this this together. them-against-us brave new world 06.06.2018
prosperity growth brave new world 11.06.2018
geocentric ethnocentric brave new world 13.06.2018
homes to live in houses as commodities to make money brave new world 19.06.2018
learn-it-alls know-it-alls brave new world 24.06.2018
Go through it! Get over it. brave new world 03.07.2018
a world transformed a world condemned brave new world 10.07.2018
inherently rewarding endeavour money-earning chore brave new world 16.07.2018
responsible for self and others power over brave new world 24.07.2018
Health care is a right, not a privilege. brave new world 28.07.2018
prepare students for life prepare students for the workforce brave new world 02.08.2018
homeplanet homeland brave new world 07.08.2018
feel alive feel comfortable brave new world 08.08.2018
experience of connection illusion of separation brave new world 09.08.2018
state of emergence state of emergency brave new world 14.08.2018
the world we live in my country brave new world 20.08.2018
local needs export brave new world 30.08.2018
circulating hoarding brave new world 05.09.2018
recovered food food waste brave new world 06.09.2018
to interdependence and mutualism. That's the way. (1) From independence and individualism brave new world 12.09.2018
We want real democracy not a market dictatorship. brave new world 15.09.2018
Collect more beautiful memories. Collect more luxury items. brave new world 16.09.2018
resource litter brave new world 20.09.2018
We are the Earth's extended body. (1) There is no environment. brave new world 28.09.2018
transcend / transform conflict resolve conflict brave new world 02.10.2018
Feed bellies, not bins. brave new world 16.10.2018
United Earth United Nations brave new world 24.10.2018
using wealth holding wealth brave new world 28.10.2018
feel free to... don't hesitate to... at work 05.01.2014
partner counterpart at work 09.01.2014
timeline deadline at work 01.02.2014
reach your target! don't miss your target! at work 08.04.2014
dream job wage slavery at work 10.04.2014
area for improvement weakness at work 15.04.2014
clients and customers target group at work 20.04.2014
reception front office at work 11.05.2014
family manager stay at home mum at work 15.05.2014
caretaker janitor at work 09.06.2014
being human being human resource at work 21.06.2014
bottom up top down at work 29.06.2014
career man career woman at work 01.07.2014
follow your gut follow directions at work 07.07.2014
Office Support Office Boy at work 12.07.2014
be a leader follow the leader at work 03.08.2014
career break career break at work 14.09.2014
Code of Integrity Code of Conduct at work 17.09.2014
beneficiaries target group at work 08.10.2014
working team task force at work 21.10.2014
attracting new employees recruitment at work 03.11.2014
enabler expert at work 12.11.2014
potential waiting to be unfold problems waiting to be solved at work 18.11.2014
question the rules follow the rules at work 26.11.2014
monotasking multitasking at work 15.12.2014
vocation vocational training at work 27.12.2014
civil society organization non-governmental organization at work 06.01.2015
motivated manipulated at work 10.01.2015
have ambition be ambitious at work 18.01.2015
value cycle value chain at work 21.01.2015
be engaged be present at work 08.02.2015
delighted customers satisfied customers at work 16.02.2015
building to think thinking about what to build at work 22.02.2015
lead by example manage by objectives at work 23.02.2015
create don't imitate at work 02.03.2015
dental spa dentist at work 07.03.2015
participants target group at work 15.03.2015
talk more email less at work 23.03.2015
focal person focal point at work 28.03.2015
power + commitment force + compliance at work 05.04.2015
engaged busy at work 11.04.2015
employee retention employee turnover at work 18.04.2015
hair trender hairdresser at work 25.04.2015
change platform change program at work 02.05.2015
investors speculators at work 09.05.2015
passion profit at work 17.05.2015
employees workforce at work 24.05.2015
constructive feedback negative feedback at work 30.05.2015
wo/man days man days at work 03.06.2015
team performance business unit performance at work 11.06.2015
make a contribution to a better world make money at work 13.06.2015
pink collar workers female blue collar workers at work 29.06.2015
what do you do for the world? what do you do for your living? at work 02.07.2015
span of support span of control at work 13.07.2015
vocational guidance career counseling at work 22.07.2015
new colleague new recruit at work 23.07.2015
space between here and there gap at work 05.08.2015
inspired motivated at work 08.08.2015
work in dignity dignified work at work 13.08.2015
social-benefit organization non-profit organization at work 16.08.2015
work on your organization work in your organization at work 18.08.2015
company citizens employees at work 24.08.2015
partnership patriarchy at work 29.08.2015
skills and abilities soft skills at work 08.09.2015
training menu training plan at work 17.09.2015
we got an order for 10 people's work we got a $1 million order at work 24.09.2015
Next Steps List To Do List at work 27.09.2015
calling career at work 19.10.2015
encourage impose / force at work 21.10.2015
gardener garden boy at work 26.10.2015
choose be assigned at work 03.11.2015
humanpower manpower at work 05.11.2015
full coorperation work in silos at work 07.11.2015
Manage your energy, not your time. at work 12.11.2015
ask command at work 14.11.2015
brainpower machine power at work 19.11.2015
consultant-as-partner consultant-as-expert at work 23.11.2015
appreciate what is identify the problem at work 26.11.2015
all-life-balance work-life-balance at work 01.12.2015
coordinating subordinating at work 09.12.2015
community of human beings company of human resources at work 14.12.2015
high-value experience low-value product at work 17.12.2015
feel invited to... don't hesitate at work 19.12.2015
carer career at work 23.12.2015
people are sources people are resources at work 06.01.2016
living making a living at work 09.01.2016
Human Capacity Development Human Resources Management at work 19.01.2016
big day deadline at work 21.01.2016
change enabler change agent at work 30.01.2016
decentralization delegation at work 04.02.2016
competencies skill capital at work 09.02.2016
business and society business against society at work 17.02.2016
appreciated expected at work 24.02.2016
Chief Facilitation Officer Chief Finance Officer (CFO) at work 27.02.2016
gains losses at work 05.03.2016
next tasks backlog at work 13.03.2016
players competitors at work 23.03.2016
sustained operation profitable at work 29.03.2016
motivation discipline at work 03.04.2016
peace worker conflict worker at work 06.04.2016
Ministry of Humanpower Ministry of Manpower at work 10.04.2016
open door open door policy at work 17.04.2016
Drop the numbers to save your team. Drop the team to save your numbers. at work 24.04.2016
quality of life at work quality of work life at work 01.05.2016
Customer Service is an attitude, not a department. at work 05.05.2016
reality reports at work 10.05.2016
working with my company working for a company at work 15.05.2016
qualified certified at work 19.05.2016
newcomer beginner at work 26.05.2016
sense and respond predict and control at work 07.06.2016
skills and abilities soft skills at work 18.06.2016
in service in command at work 23.06.2016
organisational members' values organizational values at work 27.06.2016
cooperative combative at work 02.07.2016
for common good nonprofit at work 07.07.2016
meaningful career boring job at work 14.07.2016
innovate continously innovate when necessary at work 20.07.2016
circular response linear reaction at work 26.07.2016
A leader evokes respect. A boss evokes fear. at work 07.08.2016
interview partner interview subject at work 17.08.2016
employees are biggest treasure employees are biggest risk at work 25.08.2016
one standard double standard at work 29.08.2016
vision workshop strategic planning at work 04.09.2016
recommendation sheet error sheet at work 13.09.2016
Lead by inspiration, not force. at work 26.09.2016
road map strategy at work 08.10.2016
priorities for personal growth development areas at work 12.10.2016
social enterprise non-profit at work 18.10.2016
welfare warfare at work 22.10.2016
the budget is... financial constraints at work 25.10.2016
value-based rule-based at work 30.10.2016
do something you love work for the weekend at work 03.11.2016
experimenting with what could come next planning for what will come next at work 08.11.2016
everybody is in charge nobody is in control at work 17.11.2016
transparency secrecy at work 24.11.2016
measuring change monitoring and evaluation (M & E) at work 27.11.2016
unconditional basic income wage slavery at work 02.12.2016
social impact shareholder satisfaction at work 05.12.2016
thought leader though leader at work 12.12.2016
next pending at work 04.01.2017
management by purpose management by objectives at work 15.01.2017
open for a new challenge unemployed at work 18.01.2017
individuals institutions at work 22.01.2017
keeping us safe risk management at work 26.01.2017
industry-wide cross-sector at work 02.02.2017
participants listeners at work 23.02.2017
They get bigger. (1) Ideas don't get smaller when they are shared, at work 27.02.2017
There are many right ways. There is one right way. at work 05.03.2017
provide orientation give orders at work 15.03.2017
invite agreement on responsibilities assign responsibilities at work 28.03.2017
customer happiness specialist customer support specialist at work 04.04.2017
suggestion complaint at work 10.04.2017
with dignity dignified at work 18.04.2017
stimultating people's brains giving people their brains back at work 24.04.2017
positive safety steps risk management at work 28.04.2017
Let the flow manage the processes, and not let the management manage the flow. at work 01.05.2017
offer a vision give targets at work 06.05.2017
educated for life qualified for a job at work 14.05.2017
family before work work before family at work 15.05.2017
talent acquisition process recruiting and selection process at work 20.05.2017
sacred workplace toxic workplace at work 27.05.2017
compassionate impersonal at work 03.06.2017
Minister of Environment and Climate Change Minister of Environment at work 05.06.2017
give credit take credit at work 14.06.2017
the right people the best people at work 18.06.2017
Trust your team members, not your rule book. at work 25.06.2017
budgetary possibilities financial constraints at work 01.07.2017
enrich lives enrich shareholders at work 08.07.2017
developed to change built for stability at work 16.07.2017
How can I contribute? Do I really have to go to work today? at work 20.07.2017
follow my dreams make a career at work 26.07.2017
commons perspective business perspective at work 02.08.2017
resourceful humans human resources at work 07.08.2017
more profits and benefits for many profits for few at work 13.08.2017
social profit non-profit at work 20.08.2017
hierarchy of purpose hierarchy of managers at work 24.08.2017
hired to co-create hired to work at work 28.08.2017
Which is the best idea? Who has the best idea? at work 06.09.2017
completion date deadline at work 10.09.2017
Is the company there for the customers or are the customers there for the company? at work 18.09.2017
invest more in people get more out of people at work 24.09.2017
postal maker post man at work 09.10.2017
passion and purpose dread and drudgery at work 19.10.2017
employees and managers subordinates and supervisors at work 28.10.2017
flexible working time fixed working hours at work 05.11.2017
employees' engagement job engagement at work 09.11.2017
co-develop a strategy put a strategy at work 13.11.2017
looking for a job unemployed at work 23.11.2017
Customer Loyalty Team Call Center Sales Representatives at work 28.11.2017
staff lounge canteen at work 07.12.2017
make a positive impact make $ 10 million at work 14.12.2017
shattering glass ceilings fitting into glass slippers at work 17.12.2017
life balance work-life balance at work 28.12.2017
character strengths employability skills at work 09.01.2018
shared information hoarded information at work 13.01.2018
Contribution Description Guidelines Job Description Form at work 15.01.2018
distributed authority delegated authority at work 21.01.2018
reflecting on change (ROC) monitoring and evaluation (M & E) at work 03.02.2018
Be centred, not centralized. at work 12.02.2018
receptionist front desk officer at work 17.02.2018
promise of reward fear of punishment at work 25.02.2018
organisational membership employment at work 05.03.2018
guidelines rules & regulations at work 13.03.2018
sacred workspace toxic workplace at work 19.03.2018
aspiration line deadline at work 27.03.2018
team members direct reports at work 05.04.2018
seeking the next opportunity unemployed at work 17.04.2018
public health corporate profits at work 25.04.2018
safety risk management at work 28.04.2018
one life work-life-balance at work 01.05.2018
birth date deadline at work 05.05.2018
praise appraisal at work 13.05.2018
flatten organizations delayer organizations at work 19.05.2018
collaborative advantage competitive advantage at work 24.05.2018
team members head counts at work 30.05.2018
behaviour over skill skill over behaviour at work 03.06.2018
How can I better manage my priorities? How can I better manage my time? at work 09.06.2018
open communication top-down communication at work 17.06.2018
corporate campus head quarter at work 25.06.2018
agreement-making decision-making at work 01.07.2018
empower results manage time at work 08.07.2018
do something you love work for the weekend at work 14.07.2018
enrich lives enrich shareholders at work 23.07.2018
rewarded for paid for at work 05.08.2018
meaning money at work 19.08.2018
satisfied life successful life at work 21.08.2018
super powers soft skills at work 26.08.2018
flexible working schedule rigid working schedule at work 03.09.2018
it is about what we can do collectively. (1) It's not about the smartest guy in the room, at work 14.09.2018
learning workers knowledge workers at work 18.09.2018
assemblies meetings at work 24.09.2018
human-benefit sector non-profit sector at work 07.10.2018
focus area to improve my strength weakness at work 14.10.2018
design a business model write a business plan at work 20.10.2018
All beginnings are easy All beginnings are difficult quotes & proverbs 01.01.2014
Are you happy or are you stupid? quotes & proverbs 03.01.2014
The end justifies the means? quotes & proverbs 10.01.2014
It's better to travel well than to arrive. quotes & proverbs 17.01.2014
Are you part of the solution or part of the problem? quotes & proverbs 24.01.2014
Respect existence or expect resistance. quotes & proverbs 07.02.2014
Love is a verb not just a feeling. quotes & proverbs 14.02.2014
Silence is better than bullshit. quotes & proverbs 21.02.2014
Winning solutions are found by listening, not by telling quotes & proverbs 07.03.2014
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you're standing alone. quotes & proverbs 14.03.2014
I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear. quotes & proverbs 21.03.2014
It's my way or the highway. quotes & proverbs 28.03.2014
If you don't become the ocean you'll be seasick every day. quotes & proverbs 04.04.2014
Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. quotes & proverbs 11.04.2014
There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind. quotes & proverbs 18.04.2014
The only thing standing between you and freedom is your ego. quotes & proverbs 25.04.2014
Breathe in the future, breathe out the past. quotes & proverbs 02.05.2014
A mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to ist old dimensions. quotes & proverbs 09.05.2014
The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion. quotes & proverbs 16.05.2014
Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain. quotes & proverbs 23.05.2014
Everything will be good in the end, if it isn't good, it's not the end. quotes & proverbs 30.05.2014
I would rather die of passion than of boredom. quotes & proverbs 06.06.2014
Happy people focus on people and things they love. Miserable people focus on people and things they hate. quotes & proverbs 13.06.2014
How can you get to your future when your past is present? quotes & proverbs 20.06.2014
Truth exists, only falsehood has to be invented. quotes & proverbs 27.06.2014
I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery. quotes & proverbs 04.07.2014
When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. quotes & proverbs 11.07.2014
Until it is done, it always seems impossible. quotes & proverbs 18.07.2014
A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle. quotes & proverbs 25.07.2014
You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist. quotes & proverbs 01.08.2014
Let's build bridges instead of walls. quotes & proverbs 08.08.2014
United we stand, divided we fall. quotes & proverbs 15.08.2014
Talk more about your blessings than about your burdens. quotes & proverbs 22.08.2014
It is easier to build strong children than repair broken hu/men. quotes & proverbs 29.08.2014
Define your success by how HAPPY you are not by how many things you have. quotes & proverbs 05.09.2014
Freedom lies on the other side of fear. quotes & proverbs 12.09.2014
Chase your passion, not your pension. quotes & proverbs 19.09.2014
Work is supposed to sustain your life, not to replace it. quotes & proverbs 26.09.2014
Trust unites, doubt separates. quotes & proverbs 03.10.2014
There are millions of animal species but hu/man is the only animal capable of destroying them all. quotes & proverbs 04.10.2014
Correct me when I am wrong but don't correct me if you are wrong. quotes & proverbs 10.10.2014
To educate girls is to erase poverty. quotes & proverbs 17.10.2014
Fight for our world, not only your country. quotes & proverbs 24.10.2014
Strive for progress, not perfection. quotes & proverbs 07.11.2014
Nature is real, money is an illusion. quotes & proverbs 14.11.2014
The revolution will not be televised. quotes & proverbs 21.11.2014
Winners never quit. Quitters never win. quotes & proverbs 28.11.2014
Well done is better than well said. quotes & proverbs 05.12.2014
Children need your presence more than your presents. quotes & proverbs 12.12.2014
Use things, Love people, not people. not things. quotes & proverbs 19.12.2014
We are rich through the relationships that nourish our soul, not through the things we own. quotes and proverbs 26.12.2014
Count your age by friends,... Count your life by smiles,... ...not years. ...not tears. quotes & proverbs 02.01.2015
If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It's lethal. quotes & proverbs 09.01.2015
Are you really happy or just really comfortable? quotes & proverbs 16.01.2015
As things stand, change will come only very slowly quotes & proverbs 23.01.2015
The power of the people is greater than of the people in power. quotes & proverbs 25.01.2015
Be an encourager! The world has plenty of critics already. quotes & proverbs 30.01.2015
Better to die fighting for freedom than be a prisoner all the days of your life. quotes & proverbs 06.02.2015
Systems often hold longer than we think but they end up by collapsing much faster than we imagine. quotes & proverbs 13.02.2015
Love is something we do, not something we find. quotes & proverbs 14.02.2015
True peace is presence of justice and absence of tension. quotes & proverbs 20.02.2015
One of the hardest things in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn. quotes & proverbs 27.02.2015
The short-term pain of accepting a truth is much better than the long-term pain of believing an illusion. quotes & proverbs 06.03.2015
Happiness is inside you not with another person. quotes & proverbs 20.03.2015
Do it with passion, or not at all. quotes & proverbs 25.03.2015
The sky is not the limit, your belief system is. quotes & proverbs 27.03.2015
I am responsible for what I say, not for what you understand. quotes & proverbs 03.04.2015
You don't drown by falling in water, you only drown if you stay there. quotes & proverbs 10.04.2015
Use your imagination to create reality, not to escape it. quotes & proverbs 17.04.2015
You can take the person out of the cage, but can you take the cage out of the person? quotes & proverbs 24.04.2015
Employees manufacture products and services; managers manufacture control. quotes & proverbs 01.05.2015
When you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see a thousand wishes or a hundred weeds. quotes & proverbs 08.05.2015
create wealth combat poverty quotes & proverbs 12.05.2015
she's someone's sister/mother/daughter/wife/etc. quotes & proverbs 15.05.2015
You live very day, you only die once quotes & proverbs 29.05.2015
The Universe does many wake-up calls, but we are quick to hit the snooze button. quotes and proverbs 22.05.2015
Be a voice, not an echo. quotes & proverbs 12.06.2015
Common sense is not that common. quotes & proverbs 26.06.2015
Pay the farmer now or pay the doctor later. quotes and proverbs 05.06.2015
I'd rather have an enemy who admits that they hate me, than a friend who secretly puts me down. quotes and proverbs 19.06.2015
One person with passion is better than 40 people merely interested. quotes & proverbs 10.07.2015
Listen to your heart, not to the crowd. quotes & proverbs 17.07.2015
I'd rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief. quotes & proverbs 24.07.2015
A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. quotes & proverbs 30.07.2015
There's a whole galaxy out there, don't limit yourself to the sky. quotes and proverbs 03.07.2015
Work for a cause, not for applause. quotes and proverbs 07.08.2015
It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it. quotes & proverbs 14.08.2015
Your child will rather follow your example than your advice. quotes & proverbs 21.08.2015
When you live on a round planet, there's no choosing sides. quotes & proverbs 28.08.2015
Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right quotes & proverbs 04.09.2015
Do it from the heart or not at all. quotes & proverbs 11.09.2015
True peace calls for daily commitment. It's not a lovely facade. quotes & proverbs 21.09.2015
You were born to be real not to be perfect. quotes & proverbs 25.09.2015
Wise wo/men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something. quotes and proverbs 18.09.2015
you peace for peace. You don't fight for peace, quotes & proverbs 02.10.2015
Home is a feeling, not a place. quotes & proverbs 06.10.2015
I would rather be known in life as an honest sinner, than a lying hypocrite. quotes & proverbs 09.10.2015
Grow food, not lawns. quotes & proverbs 16.10.2015
Be a game changer the world has enough followers. quotes & proverbs 23.10.2015
Live to express, not to impress. quotes & proverbs 30.10.2015
Earth provides enough to satisfy every hu/man's needs, but not every hu/man's greed. quotes & proverbs 06.11.2015
Focus on what's right in your world instead of what's wrong. quotes & proverbs 13.11.2015
Teach children HOW to think, not WHAT to think. quotes & proverbs 20.11.2015
It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. quotes & proverbs 27.11.2015
Count your blessings, not your worries. quotes & proverbs 04.12.2015
stand up for each other's rights stand up for your rights quotes & proverbs 10.12.2015
Collect moments, not things. quotes & proverbs 11.12.2015
If you look at what you have in life, you'll always have more. If you look at what you don't have in life, you'll never have enough. quotes & proverbs 25.12.2015
I'm too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful and too determined to be defeated. quotes & proverbs 01.01.2016
It's better to create something that others criticise than to create nothing and criticise others. quotes & proverbs 08.01.2016
The smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention. quotes & proverbs 15.01.2016
Do something that feeds your soul, not your ego. quotes & proverbs 22.01.2016
A revolution s when you figure it out yourself. War is when your government tells you who the enemy is. quotes & proverbs 25.01.2016
If better is possible, good is not enough. quotes & proverbs 29.01.2016
In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or backward into safety. quotes & proverbs 05.02.2016
Eye contact is way more intimate than words will ever be. quotes & proverbs 12.02.2016
Love doesn't hurt. Loving the wrong person does. quotes & proverbs 14.02.2016
Do what is right, not what is easy. quotes & proverbs 19.02.2016
Language is a bridge, not a barrier. quotes & proverbs 21.02.2016
Open your mind before your mouth. quotes & proverbs 26.02.2016
Until the lion learns to write, every story will always glorify the hunter. quotes & proverbs 03.03.2016
When you have more than you need, build a bigger table (- not a higher fence. quotes & proverbs 04.03.2016
You are free to choose and you are bound to the consequences of your choices. quotes & proverbs 11.03.2016
It's better to have your nose in a book, than in someone else's business. quotes & proverbs 14.03.2016
Your past mistakes are meant to guide you, not define you. quotes & proverbs 18.03.2016
We can live without oil. We cannot survive without water. quotes & proverbs 22.03.2016
I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me. quotes & proverbs 25.03.2016
Laugh and the world laughs with you. Snore and you sleep alone. quotes & proverbs 01.04.2016
When love rules, power disappears. When power rules, love disappears. quotes & proverbs 08.04.2016
People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason the world is in chaos is because things are loved and people are being used. quotes & proverbs 15.04.2016
The best use of imagination is creativity. The worst use of imagination is anxiety. quotes & proverbs 21.04.2016
It's a planet, not an empire. quotes & proverbs 22.04.2016
When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower. quotes & proverbs 29.04.2016
Spend your money on experiences, not things. quotes & proverbs 06.05.2016
Start being excited about what could go right, and stop being afraid of what could go wrong. quotes & proverbs 13.05.2016
Be with someone who appreciates your depth, not only your surface. quotes & proverbs 20.05.2016
We have the time, you have the clocks and calendars. quotes & proverbs 25.05.2016
2) If broken by inside force, life begins. 1) If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. quotes & proverbs 27.05.2016
A lot of parents will do anything for their kids except let them be themselves. quotes & proverbs 01.06.2016
If you wish to have time for what matters, stop doing things that don't. quotes & proverbs 03.06.2016
2) I want to create a world where the environment doesn't need protection. 1) I don't want to protect the environment. quotes & proverbs 05.06.2016
Challenge your limits, don't limit your challenges. quotes & proverbs 10.06.2016
We are called architects of the future, not its victims. quotes & proverbs 17.06.2016
The aim of an argument or discussion is progress, not victory. quotes & proverbs 24.06.2016
A beautiful heart can bring things into your life that all the money in the world couldn't obtain. quotes & proverbs 01.07.2016
I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned. quotes & proverbs 08.07.2016
Ever more people today have the means to live, but no meaning to live for. quotes & proverbs 11.07.2016
Better an Oops than a What if? quotes & proverbs 15.07.2016
May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. quotes & proverbs 18.07.2016
Knowing what is important is more important than knowing much about it. quotes & proverbs 22.07.2016
The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. quotes & proverbs 29.07.2016
Friendship means understanding, not agreement. It means forgiveness, not forgetting. It means the memories last, even if contact is lost. quotes & proverbs 30.07.2016
If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led like sheep to the slaughter. quotes & proverbs 05.08.2016
There is a reason why we take children to harvest apples, but not to the slaughter house. quotes & proverbs 12.08.2016
English is a language, not a measure of intelligence. quotes & proverbs 19.08.2016
Modern slaves are not in chains, they are in debt. quotes & proverbs 23.08.2016
Focus on how far you've come, not how far you have to go. quotes & proverbs 26.08.2016
What you think about YOURSELF is much more important than what PEOPLE think of you. quotes & proverbs 02.09.2016
Face everything and rise. Forget everything and run. quotes & proverbs 09.09.2016
The best way to be happy with someone is to learn to be happy alone. That way the company will be a matter a choice and not a necessity. quotes & proverbs 16.09.2016
(2) Let's live in peace too. (1) Why do we only rest in peace? quotes & proverbs 21.09.2016
Together we can continue to replace the darkness of apartheid with the light of freedom, peace and development. quotes & proverbs 23.09.2016
Let's invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday. quotes & proverbs 29.09.2016
Unity is strength, division is weakness. quotes & proverbs 03.10.2016
you need to help stop the violence, not the pictures. If you don't like seeing pictures of violence towards animals being posted, quotes & proverbs 04.10.2016
(2) Other teachers teach students. (1) Some teachers teach the curriculum. quotes & proverbs 05.10.2016
A healthy relationship will inspire you to be more of who you are, not require you to give up who you are. quotes & proverbs 07.10.2016
Child/ren's mental health is more important than their grades. quotes & proverbs 10.10.2016
(2) but WHO we have in our life that matters. (1) It's not WHAT we have in life, quotes & proverbs 14.10.2016
Be with those who bring out the BEST in you, not the STRESS in you. quotes & proverbs 21.10.2016
Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. quotes & proverbs 27.10.2016
Do something everyday that inspires you. Do something everyday that scares you. quotes & proverbs 28.10.2016
Distance doesn't separate people, silence does. quotes & proverbs 04.11.2016
Please do feed the hopes and spread love. Please do not feed the fears. quotes & proverbs 11.11.2016
Speak words of inclusion rather than separation, words of acceptance rather than rejection, and words of tolerance rather than prejudice. quotes & proverbs 16.11.2016
Try and fail, and don't fail to try. quotes & proverbs 18.11.2016
(2) Teach a child everything you wish you would have known growing up. (1) Dont buy a child everything you wish you could have had growing up. quotes & proverbs 20.11.2016
co-creating safe living conditions for girls and women. eliminating violence against women and girls quotes & proverbs 25.11.2016
Who fights can lose; who doesn't fight has already lost. quotes & proverbs 29.11.2016
(2) but in her/his integrity and ability to affect those around her/him positively. (1) The greatness of a hu/man is not in how much wealth s/he acquires, quotes & proverbs 09.12.2016
Faith moves mountains. Doubt creates them. quotes & proverbs 11.12.2016
Focus on who and what matters and let go of who and what doesn't. quotes & proverbs 16.12.2016
(2) refugees are persons. (1) Refugees are not numbers, quotes & proverbs 18.12.2016
Live the moment, leave the phone. quotes & proverbs 23.12.2016
(2) The best is yet to come. (1) Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. quotes & proverbs 06.01.2017
Choose positivity as your resonance. If positivity is not your mindset, then reset. quotes & proverbs 13.01.2017
(2) or you can make it happen. (1) You can make a wish quotes & proverbs 20.01.2017
More revolutions, less resolutions. quotes & proverbs 25.01.2017
I don't mind differences of opinion. I do mind hate. quotes & proverbs 27.01.2017
(2) others build windmills. (1) When the wind of change blows, some people build walls quotes & proverbs 03.02.2017
Everyone appears in everyone's life for a good reason, literally "by chance". No one is sent by accident to anyone. quotes & proverbs 10.02.2017
Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. quotes & proverbs 14.02.2017
It transcends. (1) Love does not conquer. quotes & proverbs 14.02.2017
I would rather be positive, optimistic and full of love than negative, pessimistic and hateful. quotes & proverbs 17.02.2017
Learn to appreciate what you have, before you appreciate what you had. quotes & proverbs 24.02.2017
It's full of answers. (1) Silence isn't empty. quotes & proverbs 10.03.2017
Working to live or living to work? quotes & proverbs 17.03.2017
I'm different. (1) I'm not strange, quotes & proverbs 21.03.2017
My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will always reach me, and that what doesn't reach me me was never meant for me. quotes & proverbs 24.03.2017
(2) but they never stopped believing in you. (1) You may have stopped believing in unicorns, quotes & proverbs 25.03.2017
They are waiting for you to enter their world. (1) A child with autism is not ignoring you. quotes & proverbs 02.04.2017
Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal. (1) Don't wait until you've reached your goal to be proud of yourself. quotes & proverbs 08.04.2017
Build kindness, not walls. quotes & proverbs 14.04.2017
Earth was created for all of us, not some of us. quotes & proverbs 22.04.2017
I'd rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of stuff. quotes & proverbs 29.04.2017
it's about survival. (1) Caring for Earth is not a hippie thing, quotes & proverbs 05.05.2017
What we do is a drop in the ocean, If we don't do it, it's a drop less in the ocean. quotes & proverbs 12.05.2017
Be guided by spirit, not driven by ego. quotes & proverbs 19.05.2017
day one. You decide. (1) One day or quotes & proverbs 26.05.2017
your behaviour does. (1) Your beliefs don't make you a better person, quotes & proverbs 02.06.2017
Watch more sunsets than Netflix. quotes & proverbs 07.06.2017
All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. quotes & proverbs 09.06.2017
Teach children HOW to think, not WHAT to think. quotes & proverbs 16.06.2017
Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone. quotes & proverbs 23.06.2017
until you start changing what's going on within you. (1) You can't change what's going on around you quotes & proverbs 07.07.2017
It's better to have a life of 'oh wells' than a life of 'what ifs'. quotes & proverbs 14.07.2017
but talking to people. (1) The most powerful weapon is not violence quotes & proverbs 18.07.2017
Spectacular achievement is always precedented by unspectacular preparation. quotes & proverbs 21.07.2017
The biggest challenge we face is shifting human consciousness, not saving the planet. The planet doesn't need saving. We do. quotes & proverbs 28.07.2017
Having real friends is so much better than having more friends. quotes & proverbs 30.07.2017
Go where you are celebrated. (1) Don't stay where you are tolerated. quotes & proverbs 04.08.2017
So fill your heart with what's important and be done with all the rest. quotes & proverbs 11.08.2017
because we need young people to understand that they are leaders TODAY. (1) I don't want anyone in this room or elsewhere to EVER tell young people that they're leaders of tomorrow quotes & proverbs 12.08.2017
or we can let them soften us, and make us kinder. You always have a choice. (1) We can let the circumstances of our lives harden us so that we become increasingly resentful and afraid, quotes & proverbs 18.08.2017
Be the best you, better than yesterday. (1) You don't need to be like anybody else. quotes & proverbs 25.08.2017
One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. quotes & proverbs 01.09.2017
Use your voice for kindness, your ears for compassion, your hands for charity, your mind for truth, and your heart for love. quotes & proverbs 05.09.2017
Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries. quotes & proverbs 08.09.2017
It is focused attention. (1) The most desired gift of love is not diamonds or roses or chocolate. quotes & proverbs 13.09.2017
I dream of a world where the truth is what shapes people's politics rather than politics shaping what people think is true. quotes & proverbs 15.09.2017
be a pirate. (1) Instead of joining the navy, quotes & proverbs 19.09.2017
Passion and gratitude are much better ingredients of life than fear and guilt. quotes & proverbs 21.09.2017
Synchronicity happens when you align with the flow of the Universe rather than insisting the Universe flow your way. quotes & proverbs 22.09.2017
it's education for living. (1) Travel is not reward for working, quotes & proverbs 27.09.2017
Diversity is the engine of invention. It generates creativity that enriches the world. quotes & proverbs 29.09.2017
Know music, know life. (1) No music, no life. quotes & proverbs 01.10.2017
It is an act of justice. (1) It's not an act of kindness to treat animals respectfully. quotes & proverbs 04.10.2017
Be loyal to your future, not to your past. quotes & proverbs 06.10.2017
Resilience is how you recharge, not how you endure. quotes & proverbs 10.10.2017
Girls are confident to be smart. Girls should never be afraid to be smart. quotes & proverbs 11.10.2017
Better a miserable end than endless misery. quotes & proverbs 13.10.2017
A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities. quotes & proverbs 20.10.2017
Is that the truth or is your news limited? quotes & proverbs 02.11.2017
Let's speak from our hearts, not from our egos. quotes & proverbs 03.11.2017
Souls recognize each other by vibes, not appeareances. quotes & proverbs 11.11.2017
Fall for sweet efforts. (1) Don't fall for sweet words. quotes & proverbs 14.11.2017
Focus on living for today, not what went wrong yesterday. quotes & proverbs 17.11.2017
Children are children. Not migrant children, not refugee children, not... quotes & proverbs 20.11.2017
Do it now. Sometimes 'later' becomes 'never'. quotes & proverbs 24.11.2017
Soil, (3) holds the future for humanity. not oil, quotes & proverbs 05.12.2017
(-) they need more adventures. (1) Kids don't need more toys quotes & proverbs 08.12.2017
Individuals are endowed with rights, rather than granted them by the powerful. quotes & proverbs 10.12.2017
Start telling the Universe what you want instead of what you don't want. quotes & proverbs 15.12.2017
Let's live in a society, not an economy. quotes & proverbs 22.12.2017
You need less stuff. (1) You don't need more space. quotes & proverbs 29.12.2017
We create our future by what we do today, not tomorrow. quotes & proverbs 01.01.2018
Read more books than status updates. Look into more eyes than screens. Hold more hands than devices. Love more than you judge. quotes & proverbs 05.01.2018
the dream has you. (1) You don't have a dream, quotes & proverbs 12.01.2018
The secret to happiness is flowing, not forcing. quotes & proverbs 19.01.2018
You are personally responsible for becoming more conscious than the society you grew up in. quotes & proverbs 25.01.2018
Be part of the solution, not the pollution. quotes & proverbs 26.01.2018
it's about being better than you used to be and becoming who you are. (1) Life is not about being better than someone else, quotes & proverbs 02.02.2018
Love and kindness can spread as easily as hate and fear. quotes & proverbs 09.02.2018
Do not chase love, choose love. Do not need love, share love. Do not fear love, embrace love. Do not seek love, become love. quotes & proverbs 14.02.2018
A spiritual person loves because they want more love in the world. (1) A good person gives love because they want love in return. quotes & proverbs 14.02.2018
everything happens for a reason. (1) There are NO coincidences, quotes & proverbs 16.02.2018
When you dare, your courage grows. When you hesitate, anxiety grows. quotes & proverbs 23.02.2018
it gets better by change. (1) Your life does not get better by chance, quotes & proverbs 02.03.2018
it's wherever you are. (1) The light isn't at the end of the tunnel; quotes & proverbs 16.03.2018
It is a way of life. (1) Happiness is not a destination. quotes & proverbs 20.03.2018
A savage is not one who lives in the forest, but one who destroys it. quotes & proverbs 21.03.2018
It's easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than think your way into a new way of acting. quotes & proverbs 23.03.2018
I'm so busy loving life that I have no time for drama, regret, hate, worry, or fear. quotes & proverbs 25.03.2018
Beginning makes the conditions perfect. (1) Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. quotes & proverbs 30.03.2018
A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you. quotes & proverbs 06.04.2018
Keep your face always towards the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you. quotes & proverbs 09.04.2018
I'm walking slowly, but not backwards. quotes & proverbs 13.04.2018
If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete. quotes & proverbs 20.04.2018
Strong is what happens when you run out of weak. quotes & proverbs 27.04.2018
I want to live. (1) I don't want to earn my living; quotes & proverbs 04.05.2018
look at what's a blessing. (1) Instead of looking at what's depressing, quotes & proverbs 11.05.2018
Every child is an artist until they are told they are not an artist. quotes & proverbs 18.05.2018
Be confident of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still. quotes & proverbs 23.05.2018
it can only be achieved by understanding. (1) Peace cannot be kept by force; quotes & proverbs 29.05.2018
it's Everything Change. (1) It's not Climate Change, quotes & proverbs 05.06.2018
What is right with you? What is wrong with you? quotes & proverbs 15.06.2018
it transforms the person who sees. (1) Yoga does not just change the way we see things, quotes & proverbs 21.06.2018
Givers advance our world. Takers advance themselves and hold our world back. quotes & proverbs 22.06.2018
Everybody is to be respected, met with dignity, peace and compassion because they are. Nobody should be bullied, harassed, or face violence because of who they are. quotes & proverbs 26.06.2018
Be WHO you are, not WHAT you are. quotes & proverbs 29.06.2018
Kindness is a character strength, not an act. quotes & proverbs 06.07.2018
Make HUMANITY great again. Make MY COUNTRY great again. quotes & proverbs 11.07.2018
A positive minds finds opportunity in everything. A negative mind finds fault in anything. quotes & proverbs 13.07.2018
Either I win or I learn. (1) I never lose. quotes & proverbs 18.07.2018
Imagine "billionaire" meant helping a billion people instead of making a billion. quotes & proverbs 20.07.2018
stop when you're done. (1) Don't stop when you're tired, quotes & proverbs 27.07.2018
Make friends who you can go get breakfast with, make friends you can cry with, make friends who support your life goals and believe in you. (1) It's important to make friendships that are deeper than gossiping and drinking and going out. quotes & proverbs 30.07.2018
it might be seized by someone else. (1) An opportunity is never lost, quotes & proverbs 03.08.2018
more out of intent. (1) Live less out of habit and quotes & proverbs 10.08.2018
gained opportunity and strength. (1) Aging is not lost youth, but quotes & proverbs 17.08.2018
Stay close to positive people - you will mutually fill each other with life and joy. Stay away from negative people - they literally suck life out of you. quotes & proverbs 24.08.2018
Small things done are better than great things planned. quotes & proverbs 07.09.2018
Because I have known despair I value hope. Because I have tasted frustration I value fulfillment. Because I have been lonely I value love. quotes & proverbs 21.09.2018
however we can choose how we dance to it. (1) We can't always choose the music life plays for us, quotes & proverbs 01.10.2018
they are a birth right (1) Animal rights are not a gift we give animals, (3) we have taken from them. quotes & proverbs 04.10.2018
The best teachers teach from the heart not from the book. quotes & proverbs 05.10.2018
Avoid posting your personal challenges on social media. They require personal solutions, not public attention. quotes & proverbs 09.10.2018
You were born an original, don't die a copy. quotes & proverbs 12.10.2018
People need knowledge of their power and how to access it. (1) People don't need to be saved or rescued. quotes & proverbs 13.10.2018
Dear strong women! You are not intimidating. He is intimidated. There's a difference. quotes & proverbs 15.10.2018
(1) What we think we create. Everything in the world was created by someone. (3) Now it is time to create prosperity. (2) Poverty was created. quotes & proverbs 17.10.2018
Normality is a paved road: it's comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it. quotes & proverbs 19.10.2018
they will remember who we were. Be a good human, (1) When we die they won't remember our car or house. (3) not a good materialist. quotes & proverbs 22.10.2018
Be present, not perfect. quotes & proverbs 26.10.2018
weÊborrow it from ourÊchildren. (1) We did not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, quotes & proverbs 27.10.2018
Smoking outside only no smoking signs 13.03.2014
Silent mobiles are ok no mobile phones signs 14.04.2014
Walk on the pavement only! keep off the grass! signs 10.05.2014
mind the gap don't fall signs 07.06.2014
work to progress work in progress signs 19.08.2014
good to go not stuck signs 27.09.2014
We welcome debate, not hate. signs 19.10.2014
Privacy please! Don't disturb! signs 17.11.2014
compliments complaints signs 21.12.2014
it can wait don't drink an drive signs 26.02.2015
I'm available again at... Don't disturb! signs 19.04.2016
Use the stairs in case of fire. Do not use lifts in case of fire. signs 10.08.2016
Kindly throw toilet paper into the bin and not in the toilet signs 19.11.2016
Smoking in the toilets will activate the ALARM. Lavatories are equipped with smoke detectors. signs 05.07.2017
Keep your community clean. Please don't litter. signs 14.08.2017
Throw tissues in the bin. Do not throw tissues in the toilet. signs 19.11.2017
Close the door with care. (1) Don't slam the door. signs 05.07.2018
home away from home play on words 08.01.2014
deep rest depressed play on words 30.01.2014
best of my life rest of my life play on words 25.03.2014
hopefully romantic hopelessly romantic play on words 30.03.2014
desserts stressed play on words 16.04.2014
mindful mind full play on words 04.05.2014
Life is now here. Life is no where. play on words 15.06.2014
Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. play on words 18.06.2014
use less useless play on words 06.07.2014
hero zero play on words 21.07.2014
all one alone play on words 09.08.2014
full of awe awful play on words 06.09.2014
flutterby butterfly play on words 20.09.2014
standard of giving standard of living play on words 07.10.2014
leave it. take it. play on words 22.10.2014
walk the talk talk the talk play on words 23.11.2014
heart math hard math play on words 06.12.2014
I'm possible impossible play on words 28.12.2014
change happens shit happens play on words 04.01.2015
try me! why me? play on words 27.01.2015
lust must play on words 15.02.2015
Know Water - Know Life No Water - No Life play on words 22.03.2015
wisdom highlights grey hair play on words 26.03.2015
belonging belongings play on words 01.04.2015
creating reacting play on words 14.04.2015
herstory history play on words 23.04.2015
doledge knowledge play on words 20.05.2015
work smart work hard play on words 15.06.2015
shift happens shit happens play on words 08.07.2015
customer is always relevant customer is always right play on words 11.08.2015
together to get her play on words 28.09.2015
masters disasters play on words 13.10.2015
television Tell-Lie-Vision play on words 21.11.2015
chillax rest play on words 02.12.2015
real-ationship relationship play on words 05.01.2016
find yourself in... lose yourself in... play on words 06.02.2016
rise in love fall in love play on words 14.02.2016
There's everything right with... There's nothing wrong with... play on words 07.03.2016
Practice makes progress. Practice makes perfect. play on words 12.04.2016
listen loudly talk loudly play on words 22.05.2016
Life happens. Shit happens. play on words 15.06.2016
a part of... apart from... play on words 23.07.2016
Exercise? Oh sorry, I thought you said, "French Fries." play on words 15.08.2016
Opportunities repeat themselves. History repeats itself. play on words 12.09.2016
posiTVty negaTVty play on words 21.11.2016
bake two cakes with one mix kill two birds with one stone play on words 19.12.2016
The beginning is near. The end is near. play on words 31.12.2016
new hope no hope play on words 01.01.2017
mind open mind set play on words 14.01.2017
innerstand understand play on words 08.02.2017
standstill hour rush hour play on words 18.02.2017
happy day happy hour play on words 20.03.2017
life drop-in school drop-out play on words 15.04.2017
by the beach out of office play on words 30.05.2017
sea-pandas killer whales play on words 08.06.2017
mustakes mistakes play on words 13.06.2017
cafe to stay coffee to go play on words 10.07.2017
wellbeing hellbeing play on words 29.08.2017
sage against the machine rage against the machine play on words 20.09.2017
Gerwomen and Germen Germans play on words 03.10.2017
autumn fall play on words 25.10.2017
Holy shift! Holy shit! play on words 26.11.2017
this ability disability play on words 03.12.2017
prosumers consumers play on words 13.12.2017
presence presents play on words 24.12.2017
holidays holy shit play on words 07.01.2018
being human human being play on words 22.01.2018
river of life live stream play on words 11.03.2018
Houston, we have a solution. Houston, we have a problem. play on words 12.04.2018
fuel your senses fool your senses play on words 14.05.2018
We do variations. (1) We don't do mistakes. play on words 10.06.2018
empowerer emperor play on words 21.07.2018
human becomings human beings play on word 01.09.2018
negotiation egotiation play on words 22.09.2018
eco-system ego-system books 12.02.2014
wishcraft witchcraft books 15.02.2014
concerns positions books 23.02.2014
compassionate language of life nonviolent communication books 04.03.2014
design thinking design books 10.03.2014
lesson learned mistake books 15.03.2014
Are you a Cathedral Builder or a Stone Cutter? books 03.04.2014
giraffe talk jackal talk books 25.05.2014
stroke of insight stroke books 22.06.2014
spect-actor spectator books 24.06.2014
4-hour workweek overtime books 22.07.2014
Common ground is not compromise. books 20.08.2014
share own books 04.09.2014
compassion non-violence books 02.10.2014
service self-interest books 06.11.2014
getting things done doing things books 14.01.2015
holarchy hierarchy books 04.02.2015
1984 was meant to be a warning not a guide books 13.03.2015
great good books 13.05.2015
Teal Organizations are high on trust and low on fears. books 25.06.2015
Long Walk for Freedom Long Fight for Freedom books 18.07.2015
T.G.I. Monday T.G.I. Friday books 03.08.2015
compassion non-violence books 02.10.2016
wellth wealth books 13.12.2016
Prosperity without Growth books 25.07.2017
Focus on being productive instead of busy. books 09.09.2017
SOAR approach SWOT analysis book 29.10.2017
betterness business books 26.02.2018
You can do anything, but not everything. books 06.03.2018
Simplify your life. Do not complicate your life unnecessarily. books 29.04.2018
What's possible? What's problematic? books 15.07.2018
The words you speak become the house you life in. - Hafiz speakGreen philosophy 31.01.2014
If you want to change society, you must tell an alternative story. - Ivan Illich speakGreen philosophy 28.02.2014
We don't express things as they are, we express them as we are. - Anais Nin speakGreen philosophy 31.03.2014
What you focus on grows. What you resist persists. speakGreen philosophy 30.04.2014
The secret of change is to focus all our energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new. - Socrates speakGreen philosophy 31.05.2014
We need a new vocabulary to deal with the mess we are in today. - Otto Scharmer speakGreen philosophy 30.06.2014
A different language is a different vision of life. - Federico Fellini speakGreen philosophy 31.07.2014
This world is like a mountain. // Your echo depends on you. // If you scream good things, // the world will give it back. // If you scream bad things, // the world will give it back. // Even if someone speaks badly about you, // speak well about her/him. // Change your heart // to change the world. - Shams Tabrizi speakGreen philosophy 31.08.2014
Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. Lao Tzu speakGreen philosophy 30.09.2014
Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world. speakGreen philosophy 31.10.2014
The world exists as you perceive it... It is not what you see, but how you see it. It is not what you hear, but how you hear it. It is not what you feel, but how you feel it. - Rumi speakGreen philosophy 30.11.2014
Speak a new language so that the world will be a new world. speakGreen philosophy 31.12.2014
Before you speak, think: is it true? Is it helpful? Is it inspiring? Is it necessary? Is it kind? speakGreen philosophy 31.01.2015
Words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. - Mother Teresa speakGreen philosophy 28.02.2015
Go 24 hours without complaining, not even once. Then watch how your life is changing. speakGreen philosophy 31.03.2015
Language is a process of free creation; its laws and principles are fixed, but the manner in which the principles of generation are used is free and infinitely varied. Even the interpretation and use of words involves a process of free creation. - Noam Chomsky speakGreen philosophy 30.04.2015
A wo/man's character may be learned from the adjectives which s/he habitually uses in conversation. - Mark Twain speakGreen philosophy 31.05.2015
Political chaos is connected with the decay of language_ one can probably bring about some improvement by starting at the verbal end. - George Orwell speakGreen philosophy 30.06.2015
Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future. - Deepak Chopra speakGreen philosophy 31.07.2015
People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou speakGreen philosophy 31.08.2015
Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are; it solely relies on what you think. - Buddha speakGreen philosophy 30.09.2015
Words cast spells that's why it's called spelling. Words are energy. Choose them wisely. speakGreen philosophy 31.10.2015
Like everything metaphysical the harmony between thought and reality is to be found in the grammar of the language. - Ludwig Wittgenstein speakGreen philosophy 30.11.2015
Discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes. - Marcel Proust speakGreen philosophy 31.12.2015
Tender words we spoke to one another are sealed in the secret vaults of heaven. One day like rain, they will fall to earth and grow GREEN all over the world. speakGreen philosophy 31.01.2016
The tongue has no bones, and is strong enough to break a heart. So be careful with your words. speakGreen philosophy 28.02.2016
The story is yours. You're holding the pen. It's up to you to make it sad or happy. Choose wisely. speakGreen philosophy 31.03.2016
The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts. speakGreen philosophy 30.04.2016
Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. speakGreen philosophy 31.05.2016
A person's tongue can give you the taste of her/his heart. speakGreen philosophy 30.06.2016
Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. If you change your thinking, you change your life. speakGreen philosophy 31.07.2016
An entire sea of water can't sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can't put you down unless you allow it to get inside you. speakGreen philosophy 31.08.2016
Maps are not the territories. Word are not what they describe. We can choose how we want to express ourselves. Let's create a new language together. speakGreen philosophy 30.09.2016
What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create. speakGreen philosophy 31.10.2016
If words come out of the heart, they will enter the heart. speakGreen philosophy 30.11.2016
Whatever we focus on is bound to expand. Where we see the negative, we call forth more negative. And where we see the positive, we call forth more positive. Having loved and lost, I now love more passionately. Having won and lost, I now win more soberly. Having tasted the bitter, I now savour the sweet. speakGreen philosophy 30.12.2016
If you want your LIFE // to be a magnificent STORY, // then begin by realizing // that you are the AUTHOR // and everyday you // have the OPPORTUNIY // to write a NEW PAGE. speakGreen philosophy 31.01.2017
If we own the story, then we can write the ending. speakGreen philosophy 28.02.2017
If you see the beauty of life it's because that beauty is in you. The world is like a mirror - we all see our own reflection. speakGreen philosophy 31.03.2017
Be aware of the power of thoughts and words. What you tell yourself every morning will set your mind and life on that path. Talk success, victory, happiness and blessings over your destiny. speakGreen philosophy 30.04.2017
Words. So powerful. They can crush a heart, or heal it. They can shame a soul, or liberate it. They can shatter dreams, or energize them. They can obstruct connection, or invite it. They can create defenses, or melt them. We have to use words wisely. speakGreen philosophy 31.05.2017
Your body hears everything your mind thinks. Stay positive. speakGreen philosophy 30.06.2017
If we knew how powerful our thoughts are, we would never think a bad thought. speakGreen philosophy 31.07.2017
Every word has consequences. Every silence too. speakGreen philosophy 31.08.2017
I'm a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other, and how they can achieve the kind of freedoms that theyre interested in. speakGreen philosophy 30.09.2017
Your mind believes everything you tell it. Feed it hope, truth and love. speakGreen philosophy 31.10.2017
as speaking the language of the heart. (1) Speaking the same language is not as powerful speakGreen philosophy 30.11.2017
Life is an echo, what you send out, comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get. What you see in others, exists in you. Remember life is an echo. It always gets back to you. So give goodness. speakGreen philosophy 31.12.2017
Be aware of your thoughts, notice the negative ones and consciously replace them with positive ones. speakGreen philosophy 31.01.2018
you can rewrite your story anytime. (1) There is no life sentence. speakGreen philosophy 28.02.2018
Our greatest freedom is that, despite whatever our physical situation is in life, we are always free to choose our thoughts! speakGreen philosophy 31.03.2018
The thoughts we think and feel and the words we speak create our experiences. speakGreen philosophy 30.04.2018
It is never my custom to use words lightly. If 27 years in prison have done anything to us, it was to use the silence of solitude to make us understand how precious words are, and how real speech is in its impact on the way people live and die. speakGreen philosophy 03.05.2018
Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence. speakGreen philosophy 25.05.2018
You will never speak to anyone more than you speak to yourself in your head. Be kind to yourself. speakGreen philosophy 31.05.2018
The pen is the tongue of the mind. speakGreen philosophy 30.06.2018
If words come from the heart, they will enter the heart. If they come from the tongue, they will not pass beyond the ears. speakGreen philosophy 31.07.2018
Change your thoughts and you change your world. speakGreen philosophy 31.08.2018
Words are powerful. Words matter. No words are empty words speakGreen philosophy 30.09.2018
Since everything is a reflection of our minds, everything can be changed by our minds. speakGreen philosophy 31.10.2018
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