speakGreen In Action Session
- 1 to 2 hours
Brave New Words – Co-Creating a Vocabulary for the Emerging Future of Work
front desk officer
due date
team members

In this 1 or 2 hours intro session, you are introduced to the background of speakGreen and the principles that can change a red standpoint into a green perspective.

The special focus of this session is on the 7Ms of Traditional Management Language
which are described in the article Brave New Words*** and a potential vocabulary for the Future of Work.

You learn about

  • the purpose and background of speakGreen
  • introduction to the 7Ms of Traditional Management Language:
    Military, Masters, Machine, Make-Do, Money, Machismo, and Mafia
  • focusing on replacing the 7Ms of Traditional Management Language with life-affirming words:
    (e.g. due date instead of deadline, teams instead of units, human sources
    instead of human resources, women and men instead of men and women)
  • future steps of speakGreen and participants’ potential contribution.

Furthermore, we co-create more “green over red” words and expressions,
especially for the Future of Work, to become an active author of the future.

*** Kindly find the article Brave New Words here :

Brave New Words : In Need for a Conscious Language

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